Best Tom Microphones
Tom Mics Setup

Best Tom Microphones

Choosing the right placement and design for your tom microphone can bring about a huge difference in the sound that you hear/record with it. For almost all scenarios you should choose the mic that sounds right to you, that would be the best mic for your setup. But in case you’re a part of a … Read more

6 Top Hi-Hat Microphones

best Hi-Hat Mics

Although the hi-hat is arguably a drum kit most important component when it comes to setting the tempo of a song, many drummers often use generic overhead drum microphone configurations and expect the hi-hat to be picked up along with the snare, bass, tom, etc. as one, complete, drum sound. It works, any good stereo microphone configuration placed … Read more

Review of Best Bass/Kick Drum Microphones

Best Bass/Kick Drum Microphone

Choosing a good kick drum microphone is absolutely essential in providing a good music experience to your audience, since kick drums are usually the ones with the lowest frequency in the entire set, so you will want a specialized kick drum mic in order to capture the low frequencies emitted by your bass drum. It … Read more

The Best Overhead Drum Microphones

The Best Overhead Drum

A good drum mic setup doesn’t just affect the way you sound, but it also affects the way you play. The better you sound, the more vigorously you play. This is especially true during live performances, where you are playing in front of a large group of people and you cannot afford any slip-ups. Just … Read more