Tube Amp vs Solid State – Choose Both for Best Results

Tube Amp vs Solid State? Choose Both for Best Results

Beginning in the middle of the last century, the electronics industry, audio amplifier manufacturers included, set off on an all-out drive to phase out valve-tubes in their product’s circuitry. To electronic manufactures, the new solid-state transistors that were massively retiring the glass valves were cheaper, less demanding in peripherals, sturdy in form, and much easier … Read more

TOP 9 Best Chorus Pedals for Guitars

Chorus pedals add a unique slew of effects to your guitar sound. The way a chorus pedal works is, it takes the electric signal generated by your guitar, and then creates a clone of this signal. The clone signal is created by adding some delay and signal modulation to the original. Depending on the amount … Read more

TOP 8 Best Acoustic Guitar Pickups

Pickups are basically transducers that change one type of energy to another. For example, a coil-magnet assembly inside a passive pickup changes the mechanical energy from a vibrating guitar string into electrical energy that is fed to the amplifier. Choosing the right style of pickup for your acoustic guitar will greatly influence the way it … Read more

11 Best Spring Reverb Pedals

The Best Spring Reverb Pedal

If you’re out there looking for a new spring reverb pedal, you can get confused by the sheer number of makes and brands in the market. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered prior to buying a spring reverb pedal, but in this guide we are going to focus on the … Read more

TOP 6 Best Acoustic Guitar Simulator Pedals

The Best Acoustic Guitar Simulator Pedals

Often times, there is always that small section in your band’s performance where you feel like an acoustic guitar would be perfect for just those few seconds. However, carrying and setting up an acoustic guitar every time for each performance just because you need to strum out a few tunes from it that barely last … Read more

The Best P90 Pickups – TOP 6

The Best P-90 Pickups

So you are looking to buy a new pickup for your P-90 guitar, and don’t know which would be the right one. In fact, best P90 pickups combine the qualities of both humbuckers, as well as the single coil models. In order to purchase the right P-90 pickup, you must first consider how a true … Read more

A Guide To The Best Overdrive Pedals For Metal

A Guide to the Best Overdrive Pedals For Metal

You play metal music and you are wondering what is the best overdrive pedal for metal? Well, every guitarist should know the importance of effects in the process of playing this crucial musical instrument. Some of these effects include distortion and overdrive. Just to clarify, these two terms are at times confused and used interchangeably. … Read more

What Are The Best Guitar Amps under $300?

The Amp Chronicle - The best Guitar amps under $300

Today we are suggesting what do you need to watch out when you go out to buy a guitar amp under $300. Every guitarist’s journey begins with getting acquainted with chords and scales. All guitarists will agree that this is one of the most monotonous experiences in life. As guitar practice begins, the first things … Read more

Review of Best Bass/Kick Drum Microphones

Best Bass/Kick Drum Microphone

Choosing a good kick drum microphone is absolutely essential in providing a good music experience to your audience, since kick drums are usually the ones with the lowest frequency in the entire set, so you will want a specialized kick drum mic in order to capture the low frequencies emitted by your bass drum. It … Read more