The Best Pedal Power Supply

Best Pedal Power Supply

If you’re a musician and play a guitar, then you know how important a power supply for your pedal is when making music. It’s going to provide you with the reliable power source you need to maintain sound quality and allow you to use your guitar pedal to its full capacity. And yes, there are … Read more

TOP 8 Best Pedals for Acoustic Guitar

Best Pedals for Acoustic Guitar

It’s a worldwide phenomenon that music is identified as the food for the soul, but this claim cannot be further from the truth if musical instruments weren’t used to create music for the soul. Many instruments come to mind at the mention of that. However, this article focuses on one special instrument popular with bass … Read more

Best Pedal Board Cables

Best Pedal Board Cables

What to look for when buying a cable to go with your pedal board. Why do I need a new cable? Let me explain; so you’ve just spent a few hundred dollars of your hard earned money on a new pedal board, the next step is to ensure you get the most out of your … Read more

The Best Humbucker Pickups

The Best Humbucker Pickups

Humbucker pickups have been around since several decades now, and they are basically a type of dual coil passive guitar pickups. Passive, because they don’t require any power input and don’t contain a preamp built into the pickup circuit. One set of coils is wound clockwise, while the set of coils next to it is … Read more

The Best Humbucker Pickups for Stratocaster Guitars

The has been ranked among the most popular guitars in the world and is THE most popular electric guitar in the world. Since its inception in 1954 till today, the Strato has taken on many forms, also several little tweaks and improvements have been made to it. But the base has always remained the same- this … Read more

TOP 9 Best Wah Wah Pedals

The Best Wah Wah Pedal

The wah wah pedal is used by guitarists to apply a special harmonic effect to the sound of an electric guitar. You probably knew that, but do you know how to select the right wah pedal from among the hundreds of models currently swarming the musical instrument market? Well, we are here to help you … Read more

The 10 Best Vocal Harmonizer Pedals

The 10 Best Vocal Harmonizer Pedals

Vocal harmonizer pedals served as singers’ loyal companions many decades. It’s almost impossible to think of a modern song that would use no vocal harmony. No matter how beautiful and professional your voice is, there are times when it needs to sound thicker, stronger and more powerful. Vocal harmony is used mostly in the choruses … Read more