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What does a bass fuzz pedal do? This is one of the essential bass pedals and it adds some beautiful taste of music by altering the waveform into a square wave; something that eventually gives that feeling of “maybe my amp is broken.”

It actually acquires your sound and clips it hard into a square wave while compressing any distortions to come up with a very unique sound.

Essentially, this pedal saturates your tone and eventually clips it is somewhat fuzzy feel thereby giving you just what you want. Remember that anything other than the existing lead lines or the single string-riffs alters this beautiful sound and instead turns into some weird acoustic sound.

Best Bass Fuzz Pedals On The Market

ImageBass Fuzz PedalsSpecsNo. of Knobs
Hartke HF44 Bass...Price not available at AmazonCompact, all-analog overdrive pedal for bass guitar, FET circuitry allows high-voltage, tube-like saturation, mid and tone controls dial in harmonic character and high-frequency edge4See on Amazon
MXR M287 Sub Octave...$199.99 at AmazonInputs: 1 x 1/4", outputs: 1 x 1/4", power source: 9V DC power supply required (sold separately)4See on Amazon
Darkglass...$384.33 at AmazonInputs: 1 x 1/4", outputs: 1 x 1/4", power source: 9V DC power supply (sold separately)4See on Amazon
ZVEX Effects Fat...$219.00 at AmazonPedal Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.70" x 2.38" x 1.82", power supply: uses a 9V DC power supply with (−) polarity on the middle pin, you can power your pedal with a 9V battery5See on Amazon

Hartke HF44

What’s good: Provides the classical musician with a top-notch bass amplification and tone modification with its FET pedal reliability. Also great for those who like high-gain distortion.

Not so good: Produces some unnecessary excessive noise. But you can use a noise gate to get it off.

This analog fuzz is one of the best pedals Samson Technologies could ever make. It provides you with just on the dot amplification of the intended distortion to give you that unique soaring musical sound.

The pedal is designed to add to the tone a special body and thickness with its outstanding headroom. The dynamic tone of this pedal makes you comfortable to play in band fraught with experienced guitarists without a feeling of doubt.

Fitted with the FET circuitry, the pedal is confident of giving you the very best saturated sounds to achieve the highly envied Hendrik’s vintage.

Alongside the FET, the Mid and Tone controls featured in this product are just designed to drive away your competitors leaving you alone on stage.

Mooer EQ Effects Pedal Fog

What’s good: With its classic bass fuzz tone, this pedal is a true bypass that any newbie guitarist will find useful.

Not so good: Has some weird hazard that s completely unnecessary. The manufacturer could have done better.

This product comes in its small easy to carry a size that makes it very comfortable to move around with. Featured with the squeeze knob, you can always adjust and shape a unique fuzz tone tailored to meet your musical demands. It’s small shape also makes it look beautiful and distinguishable at a completely affordable price.

The pedal also produces some very beautiful saturated sound that you would want to achieve, especially when you are auditioning a fuzz pedal. The fact that it makes a compact board-friendly pedal enables it to completely harmonize with most guitars. The result is an impeccable convenience and reliability to the user, especially when performing in a live band.

MXR M287 Sub Octave Bass Fuzz

What’s good: The sub-octave fuzz produces a unique thunderous earthshattering fuzz that is not easy to experience in the other pedals. Is the killer subterranean bass fuzz pedal.

Not so good: Has some weird volume drop when you turn one of the knobs off. Very uncontrollable due to its loudness and therefore, is not a true bypass.

This pedal combines the Growl section from MXR’s Bass Octave Deluxe with an earthshattering fuzz circuit that gives you just what you want to achieve from a fuzz pedal. You will also find a blend of separate signals such as dry, fuzz and octave that just nails the amount of size you envy – for more specs see our MXR M287 full review.

In terms of shaking the entire town and even waking deeply asleep toddlers is this perfect MXR fuzz. It is perfectly made for noise. So, if that’s what you want, you got no other reason to miss this one.

Aguilar Fuzzistor Bass Fuzz Pedal

What’s good: Famous for deep textured tone, this fuzz, just like the name suggests, is a perfect companion for experienced guitarists.

Not so good: Comes with a speaker sim on a fuzz pedal. Maybe it needs to be run through a tone hammer pedal to roll off the highs.

Just crank up the Fuzzistor and you will have the deep textured tone delivered right at the moment when you seriously need it. This exactly what the Aguilar bass pedals are known for. Therefore, if you are looking for that deeply textured fuzz, get it to form the experienced manufacturer who really understands what you are looking for.

It comes with complete control over the blend of the clean and fuzz sound such as the Tilt EQ that ensures you have the best harmonic structure from booming to gnarly, whichever you prefer is just a click away. Therefore, if you are the type who wants something that gives you convenience with less stress, choose the Aguilar Fuzzistor.

MXR M84 Bass Fuzz Deluxe

What’s good: A beautiful modification of the vintage fuzz that is now capable of delivering you the cutting-edge perfect fuzz tone just as you want it. The separate Wet and Dry level controls just give you a whole new experience.

Not so good: The LED indicator is just weird. It’s blinding if you look at it directly. Not good at all for this deluxe pedal.

One of the reasons why people choose this fuzz pedal is the presence of the Dry and Wet controls. They perfectly enable you to retain all the features of your bass. With the controls, you can level p the gain and prevent it from adjusting excessively.

The peal also has the unique distortion circuitry that makes it possible to get that perfect soaring fuzz with just a click. It really saves you much trying to find the perfect tone when the MXR M84 just does it for you the way you want it.

Darkglass Duality Fuzz Bass Fuzz Pedal

What’s good: Comes with special fuzz circuits, i.e. the gated sawtooth wave and the raunchy high gain sound whose combination yields a completely unique selection of sonic textures.

Not so good: A little bit pricey. But I think it is commensurate to the quality though.

his Darkglass Duality pedal is among the easiest to use fuzz pedals with very impressive-sounding but also careful not alter the tone quality. This fuss pedal is very effective, especially when compared with the other Darkglass pedals. It is indeed a great deal for a musician who understands what he is looking for.

Featured with two distinct fuzz circuits, the resultant combination is somewhat kind of a thing I would call richness in fuzztone filth. It is indeed, worth it and though a little bit pricey, you can bet your few dollars on it because it won’t let you down.

ZVEX Effects Fat Fuzz

What’s good: The featured three-position mini-toggle switch, especially in Settings 2 and 3, makes it easier to manipulate and mutate giving it an all-new experience of thunder broom synth capabilities.

Not so good: Needs time to fully understand its settings and be comfortable with it. Probably the manufacturer could have simplified the settings a little.

This is one of the most advanced fuzz pedals I have come across. Seriously, I have played a couple of other ones but I have never experienced the boldness with which playing this Germanium fuzz comes. It is a perfect match for experienced guitarists and musicians.

If you are looking for something that will distinguish you from the masses, try the magic of the mini-toggle switch and everyone in the hall will turn toward you. Isn’t that great? Now, they say experience is the best teacher, it’s upon you to experience.

Why you need a fuzz pedal?

One of the worst feelings I do have is when I realize that my friend’s pedal is making some beautiful juicy sound that my pedal can’t. I’m sure you should be worried too! It sounds a bit envious but of, course, it’s a good one.

Hey! Envy is good because you never stop learning in music. It helps you grow. So, why can’t you get something that will weirdly make you feel like your amp is broken? I really want to be the next Fuzz champ after Jimi Hendrix, so I understand have to purchase some best fuzz pedal.

You should too! And who knows! We may one day find ourselves competing on one of those beautiful platforms. Getting yourself a fuzz pedal, therefore, will introduce you into that whole new experience of completely different but versatile juicy sounds such as is found in the Sunshine of Your Love.

How to choose a good bass fuzz pedal

I bet whenever you go to your local store to get yourself some stuff, there are fundamental factors you always consider. Factors such as quality, durability, efficiency, and price, are just but a few.

Just as challenging as some of these expeditions when you get to your local store and are completely confused because everything inside looks perfect, is the same way with choosing your perfect fuzz; but don’t worry, I will show you what to look for.

One of the great things you must ensure when auditioning a fuzz pedal is playing chords alongside the single-note riffs and leads. True fuzz chords can’t handle chords other than a fifth diad. The best fuzz box will give you a sweet sound like a 2000-pound of a bee buzz while the worst will just give you something irritating as the 2000-pound load of dung.

Another thing is to gain a boost. The pedal you choose must be able to give you a moderate gain boost. Be careful not to choose one with an excessive gain boost. It is irritating just like a hiss. One more thing. If you are auditioning a pedal with tone controls, comfortably dial in your favorite sound. It doesn’t please help, get another pedal immediately.

What are the benefits of a bass fuzz?

A fuzz will give you that amazing sustain as well as offering a range of thicker-bass huge fuzz tones. If you are a guitarist who loves experiencing something juicy and new, try a fuzz pedal. Most modern fuzzes can give up to three distinctive iconic sounds on the pedalboard with an in-built ergonomic noise gatekeeping you off from the unnecessary noise.

Above all, this pedal will give you that unique soaring beautiful Hendrix sound like in the Voodoo Child, something you won’t find in other pedals.

Remember, just like you won’t go into a violent demonstration with your best suit so is with a fuzz pedal. Therefore, the best way to use your fuzz is to probably use it with low-output humbuckers or single coils. Get used to the volume knobs and make use of them effectively and you will experience a great fuzz along with you.


Now, this is the hardest part. However, I don’t think it is hard for an experienced guitarist who has plucked the strings of almost everything pedal I have reviewed up there.

To me, I think the MXR M84 Bass Fuzz Deluxe outshines all the other bass fuss pedals in terms of controls and convenience. The most fundamental thing in a pedal is being able to control the gains.

If you can’t because the pedal lacks the controls but keeps on adjusting every time, it isn’t worth your time. Look for another one. Furthermore, this fuzz meets the other requirements for a top fuzz pedal.