What’s the Best Classical Guitar Under $500

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What's the Best Classical Guitar Under $500

If you are ready to purchase a classical guitar there are great options for every price range. Beginners and intermediate players alike appreciate a guitar with a full, rich sound. You may think that you’ll have to spend a fortune to get a sound that is of good quality but that just isn’t the case. A classical guitar can produce beautiful music so long as it is made of strong, durable wood, has accurately placed components, and is an appropriate size for the guitarist. Check out also our under $1000 classical guitar picks!

Cordoba C5-CEBK Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar

Pro: Made of cedar and mahogany
Con: For beginners

Despite coming from a relatively new guitar manufacturer and having a thin body, the Cordoba produces a rich sound whether it is plugged in or not. Speaking of being plugged in, a great advantage this classical guitar has is it’s ability to be plugged into an amp. This is especially useful for guitarists who perform live but is a great feature if you just want to amplify the beautiful music this guitar can make. Ideally this is a beginner’s guitar but even veterans have spoken highly of this instrument. It is made of cedar and mahogany so the build is superior to beginner guitars made of plywood. The sound quality is directly related to the solid construction and use of high quality materials.

Big Baby Taylor, Natural

Pro: Lightweight and unique size
Con: Slightly shorter than a full size guitar

This Taylor guitar is larger than 3/4 size but smaller than a full size acoustic guitar. This allows guitarists to feel more in control of the instrument as they play. It can also make traveling a little easier. Don’t worry, the sound quality was not compromised when the size was. This instrument still plays beautifully as do other Taylor guitars that produce bright and full sounds.

Washburn Vintage Series R314KK Acoustic Guitar

Pro: Unique, aged finish
Con: String buzzing is a problem

This guitar is very appealing if you are looking for something with a unique aesthetic. From the finish to the fret board, this guitar has a vintage feel. The problem, however, with this guitar, seem to be the sound. Several customers complain about buzzing when playing this instrument and, to put it simply, are not impressed. If you can manage to limit the buzzing, this guitar is said to have a lot of character. The mahogany v-shaped neck can make fingerpicking much easier than a standard classical guitar.

Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar

Pro: Tapered headstock offers more precise tuning
Con: Sound may be inconsistent

Customers have found that this Seagull is perfect for beginners because it isn’t easily outgrown. Many love the light finish and the quality sound allows more intermediate players to continue to play the instrument. Others have said the guitar easily comes out of tune but that could be an issue of the strings being used and how often the instrument is played. Some have also mentioned that the sound is great except when you play at louder volumes.

Alvarez Artist Series AF75 Folk Guitar

Pro: Hand sanded and features abalone and mother of pearl inlays
Con: Frets could be a little smoother

The warm, full sound this guitar can make is probably due to the high-quality craftsmanship that goes into making it. The wood is hand-selected cedar and the style of the body keeps the guitar from sounding too muddy. The sound is unique and may not be for everyone but the sturdy build of this guitar is undeniable.

Yamaha FG730S Acoustic Guitar

Pro: This bundle equips a beginner with everything they could possibly need to get started
Con: This is a high action guitar

If you’re a beginner considering this guitar, this could be the only purchase you’ll have to make because this bundle comes with everything. Included in this bundle are picks, a tuner, a stand, a case, a strap, a beginner’s guitar DVD, and of course, the guitar. The one and possibly the only complaint customers make when it comes to this Yamaha guitar is how high the action is. High action (strings are suspended high above the neck) can be adjusted however. The sound quality is very good since this guitar is made almost completely of rosewood.

Martin LX1 Little Martin

Pro: Great for the guitarist on the go
Con: This guitar does not plug into an amp

This Little Martin gives guitarists the same quality as a high-end Martin guitar but in a smaller package. With this 3/4 size guitar, traveling with your instrument is much easier. The build of this guitar, though petite, is quite sturdy and made of spruce. Unfortunately, if you are traveling and performing live, this guitar does not plug into the amp.

Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Bundle

Pro: Comes with accessories for a low price perfect for beginners
Con: Poor construction and low-quality accessories

Brand new guitar player with a low budget? This guitar is perfect for you. It does produce a nice sound thanks to the spruce top and rosewood fret board but that is if it arrives as promised. The problem with this guitar is quality control or lack thereof. If the guitar arrives without the accessories, broken, or with a bent neck, don’t take it personally because this has happened to quite a few customers.

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

Pro: Great beginner guitar price
Con: Components are inaccurately placed

Once you tune it and get all of the parts adjusted if they need to be, this guitar plays wonderfully for a beginner. Most customer complaints stem from the fact that the guitar will buzz and this is caused by frets being out place. Other components like the nut have also been reported to be slightly too high or too low. These issues can be fixed by a professional and then this instrument will sound quite nice. The beautiful satin finish and full size should give any beginner the confidence to keep playing.

38″ Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package

Pro: Comes with an extra set of strings as well as other accessories
Con: No markers on fretboard

This guitar is a bit rougher sound than most would like but can easily go unnoticed by a young musician trying out the guitar for the first time. It could also be a good option for playing the blues since it offers a very unique sound. Though this bundle does come with a bag, picks, and a tuner, you may still have to purchase these items separately as they are not the highest quality. This is a great trial guitar for a little one who would like to experiment in music because of the bargain price.