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Best DJ Backpacks

DJ’s mean serious business and their gear is often priced quite seriously too. That is precisely why you can’t afford to buy a mediocre laptop bag and expect all of your DJ stuff to be safe inside it. You need a specialized DJ bag to carry your laptop, mixer, headphones, flash drives, CD and Vinyl collection, lighting controller etc. The biggest issue people have while choosing a DJ bag is finding the right mix of features. Often you will get a bag with just the right amount space, but it may have insufficient pouches and sections for your belongings. Then, you will find the bag that has just the right amount of space as well as sections and pouches but is not waterproof. Of course, quality doesn’t come cheap, but quality doesn’t have to be overpriced either.

Choosing the best DJ backpack for yourself

The key to finding the right DJ bag is to select an option that can hold your current mobile DJ kit, and still have enough room for some expansion in the future. Not to mention the fact that this bag is something you will be carrying around with you on tours, live performances, practice sessions, etc. so it must feel comfortable when you move around with it for hours. Apart from being comfortable, the bag must also be waterproof to protect your expensive equipment from an occasional shower. Also, consider how you bag is secured- does it have locks or just zippers? Are their external snap-on harnesses, Velcros, and carry handles? As far as size is concerned, you do not want to get a bag that is too small, nor do you want a gigantic bag that you’ll probably only half fill. Carrying unnecessary deadweight is not an option, nor do you want to carry two bags because the main one is too small. Choose the size wisely, and decide on whether you want a backpack, trolley, or airbag. Different types of bags are available for carrying different kinds of DJ equipment. Take a look at your equipment and choose accordingly. We have put together a list of DJ bags for you to choose from, these are some of the best backpacks in the market right now and are extremely reliable as well as popular.

Odyssey BRLBACKTRAK Digital DJ Gear Backpack

Pro: Multiple fully padded inner compartments, lots of space
Con: Not waterproof, arm straps need more padding

This DJ backpack from Odyssey has everything that you would need as a beginner or intermediate level DJ- nice padded compartments, space for your laptop and serato, and heavy-duty zippers for a longer life. There are easily accessible large front and side pockets, and the shoulder straps are well padded for extra comfort. One thing that would have really sealed the deal for this affordable bag is a waterproof layering, at least on the important section where you keep your laptop or drum machine/synthesizer. Still, it manages to be a great deal because of its ridiculously low price despite the really solid and expensive-looking interiors.

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Odyssey BRLBACKSPIN2 Redline Series Digital Gear Backpack

Pro: Dedicated adjustable laptop compartment, padded interior dividers
Con: problem with the seams on the left strap

There are few backpacks that offer so much storage space for all your stuff, especially at this price range. This bag features a bunch of space, an adjustable laptop carrying compartment, fully padded and divided interiors, along with a whole lot of inner pouches for organizing the small stuff. It will comfortably hold a laptop, 2 large headphones, a stand, a mixer/synthesizer or a drum machine. And you will still have room to spare. Some users reported a problem with the left seams on the arm strap coming off, but it is a one in a thousand problem, in which case Odyssey will instantly replace the faulty bag with a new one.

Orbit Concepts Jetpack Remix DJ Backpack

Pro: Lots of space, very good weight distribution
Con: Rather large

First of all, don’t buy this backpack unless you plan on carrying a complete DJ setup because it’s rather large and has enormous amounts of space inside. There is room for a laptop, Serato, 2 headphones, flash drive, stand, cables, vinyl’s/CD’s, and more. You can even fit two laptops inside, and throw in a couple of speakers if you like. There are pouches and slots for battery packs and tablets, and all the interior dividers are well-padded and made from soft yet sturdy materials. It is bigger and heavier than most DJ backpack, so buy this only if you plan on carrying a bunch of stuff.

Fusion SA-06 WA CR Workstation Controller

Pro: Unique zipper system allows for easy access to gear.
Con: Very large

This bag combines the best of both a guitar case and a backpack, with size being one of the obvious side effects. It features a unique zipper system that runs through the entire cross section of the bag, allowing you to easily access all your equipment by opening just one zipper. And it holds a ton of equipment. There is a removable 17″ laptop sleeve along with a zippered 7.8″ headphone pouch. The bag can fit a Kontrol S4 and similarly sized DJ gear quite easily, in fact; you can even cram in an extra drum machine or keyboard on top your S4 and 17″ laptop.

Magma Riot DJ Backpack-XL

Pro: Extremely sturdy and fully waterproof
Con: Quite heavy even while empty

With this one, it almost feels as if you are carrying a military backpack, except that instead of guns and explosives you are carrying sound mixers and laptops. The amount of gear this XL bag can carry is insane- it can handle a Kontrol S4, a VCI 400, and even an MPC Renaissance. On top of that, you can fit in a 17″ laptop or even two thinner laptops if you wish. The bag is made from heavy duty Tarpaulin and is 100% waterproof, a definite plus if you live and travel in the more rain-prone areas of the country. The interior is very versatile and can be customized with the removable foam walls, adjustable divider panels, and safety panels.

Odyssey BRLRMXDG2XL Redline DJ Remix Series Hybrid Backpack/Shoulder Travel Bag

Pro: Multiple heavy duty front compartments, folding laptop stand
Con: Not very ergonomic

This DJ backpack is built like a truck and has enough space to carry a little guitar inside of it. There is even a dedicated folding laptop stand built into it, and the front pockets are huge and lined with protective layers to prevent any physical shocks from damaging the cargo inside. It is equipped with dual handle straps, removable shoulder straps, and rear backpack straps. So you can carry it like a handbag, sling it on your shoulder, or use it as a dorky looking backpack. The weight distribution is all over the place, and if you use it in backpack mode with a lot of stuff inside, you can really feel the bag tugging at your shoulders.


Pro: Very well built, waterproof
Con: Looks weird and is difficult to carry when fully loaded

Although it may look a little odd at first, don’t let this bags weird looks fool you into thinking that it’s not worth its price. In fact there is a smooth PVC coating on the exterior to make it truly waterproof. Combine that with the full body heavyweight zipper, and you can be sure that your controller and laptop are going to stay safe even if you throw this bag into a tank of water and take it out after 5 minutes. It can be used as a backpack, thanks to the generously padded rear straps. Or you can simply fold up those straps into the rear pouch, and use it as a shoulder bag. Either way, it is not a very easy bag to carry, chiefly due to the bizarre shape that makes it hard to keep steady while walking even mildly fast.

UDG U8007BL Creator Wheeled Backpack

Pro: Extremely tough exterior, waterproof
Con: Limited on portability

Pairing a ballistic nylon exterior with heavy duty zippers and multipurpose pouches, this is one amazingly versatile and spacious bag. It can be used as an exclusive DJ backpack, although it also makes for a fine all-purpose travel bag. There is room for headphones, DJ controllers, laptops, stands, speakers, and a lot more. Although this can be used as both a trolley as well as a backpack, it’s stiff exterior and large size means that the backpack option is limited to larger people, and even then for short distances only.