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GarageBand plugins are such unique tools in making music for Apple’s Mac. This does not mean that the product does not come with such incredible built-in-instruments, but these additional free plugins add more choices to your already existing list increasing your level of creativity and inspiration to release your creative juices.

Let us look at some of these free plugins you can download and use with the GarageBand.

Need a MIDI keyboard for GarageBand? Look no further!

1. The MFreeEffects Bundle


This software has 26 plugins. According to their production company, they imply that their features are limited compared to other commercial plugins, but still extraordinary when compared to most plugins on the market. The Melda free bundle includes a Tremolo, Compressor, and an Oscillator among many others. When installing, select the MFreeEffectsBundle option so you can acquire the whole package.

2. The Clap Machine


This bundle allows you to produce an appreciative audience instantly, having varieties of sampled hand clips enabling you to trigger multiple notes on your keyboard by pressing them.

3. The Blue Cat’s FreeWare Plugins Pack II

The Blue Cat's FreeWare Plugins

This beautiful product has 6 plugins. Of all the plugins included, the modulation effects are the outstanding one. This product frequency analyzer is fantastic, making the plugins sound great. You will also receive a PDF manual. The bundle comes with its installer, making setting it up a piece of cake.

4. The Podolski


The Podolski hails from U-He software who are well known among Mac musicians for their amazing line of commercial filters and synthesizers. Podolski includes classic synthesizers and evolving pads with sounds that can outdo other expensive synthesizers currently in the market.

5. The Lokomotive


This product pulls an incredibly deep, wall-thumping bass which could only be pulled off with some hardware synthesizers. This highly approachable, processor-efficient beast is able to produce a thick, ravishing sound for your full satisfaction.

6. LePou Guitar Amplifiers

LePou Guitar Amplifiers

This bundle offers some sick heavy guitar tones which are available in its selection of virtual guitar amplifiers. The Mesa and Marshall boogie style tones will add some grit to your recordings. Since these plugins don’t come with their own installer, you will have to manually drag and drop individual component files into the library folder.

7. The Crystal


This is a very powerful semi-modular synthesizer. The producers imply that the product has more than ninety different parameters available for modulation, making creating your own unique sounds easy. Some other features available include Granular Synthesizer, Wave sequencer and Program Morphing blending two sounds to one, giving out a very impressive audio package.

8. TyrellN6


If you were, or still are a fan of Blade Runner, then you are in luck since this product brings a ton of futuristic tones of Vangelis score to the GarageBand. Just like the Podolski, this set of plugins come from U He software.

9. The Voxengo OldskoolVerb

The Voxengo OldskoolVerb

This bundle is perfect for piano, vocals or synthesizer pads that you desire to shine. It is a great take on that classic stereo reverb. Now, this is a must-have for dealing with voices and percussion. It is quite useful actually when used in moderation on anything.

10. The PG-8X


The plugins in this bundle give a thick, Classic Roland Sugar sound, although its installation is quite primitive and requires a lot of attention.

11. The Multiply


When you add this bundle to some acoustic guitar, you will be astonished at how it is great in the opening and soften by overall tones of the strings. This makes this product a very useful, silky quality set of plugins.

12. The Sound MagicSpectral

Soundmagic Spectral

This bundle has a collection of 24 plugins delivering unique extreme sounds found in plugin universe. They deliver some powerful bizarre audio processing, making up for the lack of refined interfaces. This bundle makes conjuring up captivating sonic textures look effortless.

How to Install plugins in GarageBand?

Now, some of these bundles come with their own installer, others don’t. For those that do not, place the plugin into a support folder which will look something like HD\Library\Audio\Plugins\Components. Do this before starting the GarageBand.

Once you have opened the GarageBand folder you will be able to access your plugins by the creation of a software instrument track, and then clicking on the “Edit” tab. You will be able to choose a custom synthesizer at the top of the stack, and there are hard-wired slots for the Visual EQ Effects, Compressor, including four remaining slots for the Installed Audio Units Plugins.

Those are some of the best free GarageBand plugins available to choose from, which will enable you to continue making beautiful music every day at your disposal.