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The Best Guitar Practice Stools and ChairsIf you are practicing the guitar, then you have probably come to understand that you’ll also need a specialized stool or chair to practice on. Yes, any chair or even the drawing-room sofa will do the job, but there is a reason why studios and professional artists don’t use couches or dining table chairs on stage. No, it’s not because they look bad or they are hard to obtain, it is because: 

  • Regular chairs and stools are hard to transport
  • They don’t offer the correct posture that you need while playing guitar
  • Most of them don’t have height adjustment

So, what makes a guitar chair/stool different from an ordinary stool?

Well, first of all, guitar thrones are really compact and have ample padding on the top so you can sit and practice for hours without having to get up every 20 minutes. Secondly, guitar chairs may also include a backrest, and if you like to have a backrest on your seat, or if you suffer from back problems, then this feature could be really helpful. Finally, guitar chairs come with adjustable height management systems that allow you to play in the most optimal position, so you feel comfortable.

While trying to choose the best guitar chair or stool, you need to make sure it has a well-padded top that feels comfortable. You also need to make sure that the throne is compact enough to be transported, this is very important if you’re doing road shows or if you need to travel often for live performances. Finally, get a folding chair that feels and looks sturdy. It must be stable enough to not wobble when you sit on it, so choose a guitar chair with a stainless steel frame or an aluminum frame.

Below, we have listed some of the best guitar practice stools and chairs for you to select from. Keep your needs in mind (portability, backrest, etc.) and choose the chair that suits your needs and budget.

ProRock Gear Player’s Guitar Stool and Stand

Pro: Has adjustable neck yoke with safety lock, special guitar cradle built-in
Con: No backrest, non-adjustable height

One of the best features of this incredibly affordable guitar stool is the built-in guitar cradle. This cradle is designed to accept most electric and acoustic guitars, including standard classic guitars and banjos. The frame is made from steel, and there are three legs to offer a stable tripod-like base. The rear leg is pivoted onto one of the front legs, allowing you to easily fold up the stool whenever you need to transport it. There is ample padding on the seat top, and it uses vinyl covers to deliver a smooth seating experience.

Rockville RDS40 Portable Padded Guitar Throne

Pro: Adjustable height, backrest, well padded
Con: Doesn’t fold, no locking system

The Rockville RDS40 is the most affordable guitar chair to come with features such as height adjustment and a backrest. The frame is a pretty simple concept since there are only two arms with straight bars attached underneath to form the base. Each of the two bars has plastic pegs on either end to prevent the feet from slipping on the floor or carpet. The rear arm is pivoted underneath the base, so you can lift the chair and fold it in whenever you need to transport the chair. Both the backrest and seat feature vinyl tops and are well padded.

Fender 24” Barstool

Pro: Sold steel tube frame, soft padded top
Con: Doesn’t fold, non-adjustable height, no backrest

Fender is renowned for manufacturing some of the best acoustic guitars on planet Earth. Do they also make quality stools? Apparently yes, since this bar stool is perfect for practicing the guitar or playing at a local venue or small stage. You can play with style as the frame has a nice shiny metal finish to it, and the vinyl top carries the Fender logo. This “guitar stool” uses a stainless steel frame, and each of the steel tubes is made from 1” thick steel tubing. There is no seat height adjustment or backrest, however.

On Stage DT8500 Guitar Throne

Pro: 10-stage easy height adjustment, footrest, backrest, folds
Con: Base doesn’t seem like it is very stable

Not only does this incredibly versatile guitar chair come with height adjustment, but it also features an adjustable backrest. You can control the position and tilt of the backrest by turning two tension control knobs located right beneath the super comfortable vinyl seat. The seat itself rests on a steel bar, with two steel legs attached beneath. These steel legs provide support to the chair and its user, and there are two non-skid base bars beneath that keep your chair on the floor. These are not the most stable of chair bases, but they get the job done.

ROC-N-SOC Tower Saddle Seat Stool

Pro: Comes in two versions with varying seat heights, solid steel frame, swivel seat
Con: No backrest, no easy height adjustment

The ROC-N-SOC is designed for guitarists, keyboard players, bass players, and pretty much anyone who needs a good old stool minus fancy features like height adjustment and backrests. The top features a vinyl cover and has dense foam padding underneath to provide a comfortable seating experience. The seat supports full 360″ swivel, so you can spin around and have some fun while playing the guitar (or do something more productive with it). The frame is made from tubular stainless steel and features two-foot rings to maintain structural stability. This cool guitar stool is available in two sizes- 26” and 29”.

Quik Lok DX749 Deluxe Guitar Chair

Pro: Adjustable height, footrest, and back
Con: Frame is not the toughest, base has limited stability

This guitar chair is basically a couple of vinyl seats mounted on top of a long steel bar. There is a second steel bar on the back to support the chair, but that’s about it for the frame. The seat is well padded and feels comfy, although the way it is mounted, it feels as though this chair might not be the best for a heavy person. The backrest is capable of height adjustments since you can slide it up and down on the main steel bar that forms the “spine” of this chair. The height is adjustable, thanks to the pivoted rear support bar. And yes, it also comes with a footrest.

Gibraltar 9608MB Large Cordura Drum Throne

Pro: Vinyl soft padded seat, adjustable height, double braced steel leg base
Con: Backrest is not adjustable

This very well might be the most stable and durable guitar chair on this list. The seat is mounted on a solid steel frame that consists of a central steel tube with a threaded steel rod inside that can be adjusted to move up or down. The central steel platform is supported by three thick double braced steel legs arranged in a tripod configuration. These steel legs have plastic feet underneath to prevent them from slipping on the floor or carpet. The height adjustment system comes with memory locks. The vinyl seat can be adjusted from 20” up to 28” in height.

K&M Performance Stool

Pro: Ergonomic leather seat, height adjustment, footrest
Con: No backrest, shape is not for everyone

Designed in an ergonomic fashion the K&M Performance Guitar Stool is equipped with a heavily padded and super comfortable leather seat. It supports height adjustment and has adjustable footrests as well for guitar players. A spring-loaded pneumatic mechanism and solid steel construction keeps this chair highly stable at all times, and gives it enough structural strength to handle even the heaviest of users. There is no backrest however, so if you happen to have back pains then this might not be the chair for you. Also, the bicycle seat like shape might not be for everyone.