What are the Best Passive PA Speakers?

Best Passive PA Speakers

Passive PA speakers are very important pieces of both home theaters and audio systems, available in different specifications, shapes,  and sizes to fit the right needs.

Usually, indoor speakers are inferior to outdoor speakers in terms of power but they still have a stronger aesthetic effect as they are solely focused on producing optimal sound effects for confined areas.

Outdoor speakers, on the other hand, are more inclined to power since their output will be required to impact a wider audience in spite of different noises in an open space.

Most outdoor speakers available for sale are usually passive. One major passive speaker perk is its ability to render sound even without any amplification. As a result, these types of speakers don’t have in-built amplifiers. Passive PA speakers are fashioned to work along with an exterior power amplifier – this could either be a powered mixing console or a standalone power amp. This also makes passive speakers lighter, easier to troubleshoot and maintain. Another advantage this setup provides is how it easily accommodates expansion as far as you remain within your amplifier’s limits.

Passive PA speakers are only ideal for sound engineers with some sort of expertise in mixing speakers and amplifiers without burning out the voice coils. Keep in mind that tweaking amplifiers to get volumes greater than their potential might fry these units.

So how do you pick out a quintessential passive PA speaker unit? First things first, you’ll need to check for reliability, perfection and its ability to reproduce directives from the amp without any sort of alterations. Naturally, you should only be after power that is within the walls of your control. The mixing board or amp is another essential piece of the equation, yet you will need to prioritize the speakers’ ability to satisfy your needs.

Looking for best powered PA speakers?

Peavey PR 15 Enclosure

Pro: Very affordable and portable
Con: Inferior sound quality

Considering its size and price alone, the PR 15 is a big score among other passive PA speakers. While it might not be the best option when you need a speaker with good bass quality but what it lacks in sound, it makes up for with portability and affordability. This speaker stands at 400 watts program power handling with the complete crossover network including high-frequency driver protection and high voltage film capacitors to deliver a punchy, clear sound and exemplary reliability in the long term.

JBL PRX715 15-Inch Two-Way Full Range Main System/Floor Monitor

Pro: Optimal sound quality and versatility
Con: Quite expensive

This speaker is a powered double-way enclosure with about 1500 watts of power. The relativity of this enclosure’s clarity to its volume is quite exceptional. The differential drive technology included in this speaker uses lesser mass in the ferrite magnet to reduce weight and at the same time maximize the efficiency of the power amps. This will,  in turn, ensure better heat dissipation and handling of power. The input panel of the amplifier comes with an XLR and a sensitivity switch for more flexibility.

VM Audio VAS310P 1200 Watt 3 Way 10″ DJ Passive Loud Speaker System

Pro: Very cheap
Con: Low sound quality

One thing VM Audio always guarantees is highly-durable terminals. With a variety of heavy duty features and a steel grill, the whole speaker is ideally protected from any sort of damage. The DJ enclosure offers three-way terminals enabling you to make use of TS jacks, banana plugs, speaker connectors and bare speaker wires.

Seismic Audio – Pair of 15″ PA DJ Speakers 700 Watts PRO Audio

Pro: Lightweight and affordable
Con: Lacks durability

This wonderful speaker cabinet packs a lot of attention due to its high sound quality. Incorporating a 1.5-inch tweeter driver, peak energy at 700 watts and a 45 – 20,000Hz regularity reaction; this speaker will do well in delivering any sound you desire. Irrespective of the event or occasion, a Seismic Audio will be sure to hold it down real good. Do you know the best part? This speaker is extremely affordable, giving even musicians on low budget access to good sound.


Pro: Very affordable and lightweight
Con: Requires a lot of equalization tweaking to produce good sounds

Everybody will always have their diverse personal preferences and will like to purchase something that falls in place with what we like. However, the EUROLIVE B212XL aims at satisfying everybody’s needs in just one little package. These speakers are pretty sturdy and can hold up to eight-hundred watts at once. Ultra-light weight and recessed handles simplifies transporting and lifting. All of these are provided at a really affordable price.

JBL JRX215 Unpowered Speaker Cabinet

Pro: High-quality sound
Con: Pretty expensive

The JBLJRX215 is another quality passive PA speaker unit from JBL. For optimum sound quality, this speaker features a 1-inch tweeter and a 15-inch woofer. Even though the price is on the higher side generally, it is still pretty good considering the power handling quality and the 1000W peak capacity. Just like all other JBL products you can be rest assured that this speaker is pretty durable and reliable.

Yamaha Club V Series S115V 15-Inch Loudspeaker

Pro: Good sound
Con: Lacks portability

This speaker unit from Yamaha focuses on the quality of sound around. Being a household brand due to their popularity among mobile DJS, places of worship and gigging bands, Yamaha continues to deliver quality even in its generation five speaker series. The new speakers mostly feature better low-frequency performance, better drivers to handle power, ¼ inch connectors, and sturdier grilles. All of these features combined with its sonic performance and ideal value, this speaker from the fifth generation of the Club series loudspeakers will constantly deliver quality.

Rockville RSG12 12” PA Speaker

Pro: Very affordable
Con: Lacks versatility

This speaker system incorporates a high quality 12-inch woofer with low frequency, in addition to 3 different electronic piezo tweeters. In order to produce the best sound quality possible, this speaker also features an efficient piezo compression horn tweeter. The power produced by this speaker is also quite impressive with 1000 Watts peak, 500 Watts RMS Power and 750 Watts Program Power. To ensure maximum power is produced, there are 60 Oz magnets included in this speaker.


Pro: Cheap and affordable
Con: Low power rating

The double electro-dynamic drivers featured in the EUROLIVE VS1520 provide original sounds with a dispersion pattern 80 x 40 wide. This speaker, however, should not be driven too hard due to its small power rating; although some reviewers claim it worked perfectly for them on big occasions.