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Best Pedal Power Supply

If you’re a musician and play a guitar, then you know how important a power supply for your pedal is when making music. It’s going to provide you with the reliable power source you need to maintain sound quality and allow you to use your guitar pedal to its full capacity. And yes, there are still musicians out there that rely on the old school 9V battery. These batteries are not reliable and the sound of your music will not be consistent so if you’re depending on a 9V, it’s time to throw them out.

So, when trying to select the best pedal power supply, the main objective is to ensure that your pedal is getting the correct amount of juice at all times. Not doing so will result in the wrong sound out of your pedal. There are certain power supplies than can be used when you are using a pedal with a simple analog, but a large range of digital pedals may require a higher current and voltage meaning a completely different power supply will be needed. Here we will discuss the best pedal power supplies for these situations.

Walrus Audio Phoenix 15-Out Isolated Clean Power Supply

Pro: Has 15 output outlets
Con: Outlet jacks are close together

Could this be the best pedal power supply? Fifteen isolated output outlets, really? The output outlets ratings include: four 9V, 300mA outputs, 8 – 9 volt, 100mA outputs, two 9 volt or 12 volt at 100mA outputs (via toggle switch), and one 9 volt or 18 volt, 100mA output (via toggle switch). This type of power is great for pedalboards with high-end digital pedals. Fifteen cables are included in a length that is longer than usual. This will be significant if you are using a larger pedal area. Installed on the rear of the unit is a courtesy AC outlet. A courtesy outlet comes into play if a pedal is incompatible with another source.

If this occurs, then the pedal can plug straight into the pedal power supply. The Audio Phoenix is the perfect match for modern guitarists.

Voodoo Power Pedal 2 Plus Universal Power Supply

Pro: Ability to run 18V and 24V pedals
Con: Cables are straight instead of right angled and too short

This is a power source that brings sound with quality. It’s a powerful source that’ll allow you to beef up your pedalboard and equipped with some very beneficial features. The Voodoo Lab Pedal has 8 isolated outputs that are highly filtered and short circuit protected. The first four outputs can generate either a 9V output at 100mA or can be switched to run a 12V output. The next two outputs are designed for Line 6 modeling pedals which generate a higher power at 250mA. The last two outputs are considered variable outputs, meaning they can, they deliver 100mA but the voltage can be adjusted from 4 to 9 volts.

The Voodoo Lab can generate some major power with its ability to use custom cables to connect two outputs and generate a high voltage, between 18V and 24V. As an additional bonus, an AC output is located on the back that can run up to 200 watts. This allows you to run MIDI foot controllers, if needed. The unit is made in the U.S.A. and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Dunlop MXR M238 Iso Brick Supply w/ 10 Isolated Outputs and 2 Patch Cables

Pro: Lightweight and compact
Con: AC adapter wall wart is large

The Dunlop MXR M238 is the ultimate pedal because it’s loaded with features that really benefit a guitar player and his performance. This pedal’s small, compact size makes it perfect for any pedalboard layout. And the recessed, right angled barrel connector keeps it from having to take up DC cord space. Its power comes from 10 outputs that are completely isolated. The 10 outputs are broken down to accommodate different types of current and voltage variations. The outputs include: 2 – 9 volt at 100mA, 2 – 9 volt at 300mA, 2 – 9 volt at 450mA, 2 – 18 volt, 252mA with two different variables that can be adjusted between 6 and 15 volts at 250mA.

For traveling musicians, included are adapters for power in the EU, UK, and Australia. And as a cool added bonus, the pedal is equipped with blue LED lights that glow when you the right connection. The MXR M238 creates a great platform for a guitar needing any range of power source.

T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon Pedal Power Supply

Pro: Heavy steel casing making it very durable
Con: Adjusting the voltage can be difficult

T-Rex’s Fuel Tank’s line introduced its latest product called the Chameleon. The difference between the Chameleon and other power supplies that are similar, is its versatility. It’s equipped with 5 outlets that can be switched between low and high voltages – three that have a range of 9V DC and 12VDC (300mA each) and one that has a range of 9V DC and 18V DC (300mA each). All the outlets are installed with center negative pins.

Also, a sixth outlet provides 12V AC. A convenient feature allows five of the outlets to be used simultaneously. Every cable that is needed for hooking up your output outlets are included: 9 pedal links measuring 20 and 100 centimeters in length, one red AC cable to connect the T-Rex Replica Delay, one blue AC cable to connect Line 6 pedals, one barrel-to-mini-jack cable, and one daisy chain that has five connectors. With the T-Rex Fuel Tank being such a versatile pedal power supply and can be easily switched back and forth between voltages, it’s perfect for the multi-talented guitarist that plays several different instruments.

Mooer MPW1 Micro Power Supply

Pro: Great compact size
Con: The wall wart is larger than the power unit

The Mooer MPW1 Micro Power Supply is just that, Micro. It can pretty much fit onto any pedalboard without a problem. The eight isolated outputs have a maximum output of 300mA. Also, the eight outputs have a short circuit protection design that runs independently. This means, if an output does short out, the other output will continue to work. Eight LED lights are installed to notify the guitarist of any output issues if playing in a dark atmosphere. The unit has a 9V DC power supply that provides a stable performance. The Mooer MPW1 is a great power supply for the beginner guitarist who doesn’t want to spend a great deal of money.

Guitar Effects Power Supply – “Jericho-2” By Budagov Music

Pro: Very quiet
Con: Not as sturdy as other power supplies

The Jericho 2 is a power supply that’s equipped with 10 outputs that helps effects of different voltages, making it the ultimate versatile adapter from the amateur guitarist to the professional. An important feature that is on the list of must-haves for a power supply is its sound which should be none. The Jericho 2 provided just that, being very clean and quiet. The cables that are included: 8 – 9V outputs, 1 – 12V output, 1 – 18V output, 1 – 18V 2A input, 10 – DC power cables, and 2 – polarity reversal cables. The unit is equipped with orange LED lights that’ll notify the musician of a short circuit. Adapter gives 2000mA and an additional adapter of 500mA for extra pedals on the pedalboard. Jericho 2 is an affordable pedal power supply that can fit in any guitarist’s budget.