TOP 8 Best Pedals for Acoustic Guitar

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Best Pedals for Acoustic Guitar

It’s a worldwide phenomenon that music is identified as the food for the soul, but this claim cannot be further from the truth if musical instruments weren’t used to create music for the soul. Many instruments come to mind at the mention of that. However, this article focuses on one special instrument popular with bass guitarists known as the acoustic guitar pedals. Buying best pedals for acoustic guitar requires a keen ear for the most preferable equipment and a great choice for one that can fit in well with the plugged in instruments. Over the years, the evolution of these musical instruments has seen a tremendous change in both design and functionality. So when buying the best pedals for acoustic guitar, it’s important to know how to compares costs, type, functionality and identify the most suitable ones to buy as discussed below.

Wampler Thirty Something Overdrive Pedal

Pro: Multiple control buttons
Con: Very pricy

The Wampler boasts multiple buttons from volume, gain, bass, treble, top cut and boost volume. In addition, it has a completely true bypass just like the rest but also has a class a pre-gain boost giving authentic override tone. These are some of the features that make it stand out as one of the priciest and most efficient of all the acoustic guitar pedals. This pedal has been known to harness the natural overdrive and chimney tones from the guitar and the amp.

Carl Martin Vintage Series CLSCFLNG Classic Flange Guitar Pedal

Pro: Heavy duty capability
Con: No manual

The Martin Vintage series is among the priciest and fast moving of the pedal models. It boasts a dual speed setting giving it an edge over most acoustic pedal. Like the chromatic tuner and a few others, it runs on a 9V battery and DC input. The heavy duty die cast housing makes it durable and long lasting enabling it withstand roughing around on stage floors or hardships it’s exposed to. It also boasts a heavy duty bypass switch that simplifies tune making. The upside is its incredible sound plus the speed change stomp switch that produces a really nice sounding chorus.

VOX STOMPLAB2G Modeling Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

Pro: Variety of sounds
Con: Not suitable for learners

These are some of the best acoustic pedals in the market for a guitar. They pack powerful sounds in their casing with sound variations categorized by style making it easy for a novice to easily recall the desired sound. It’s quite easy to use since each program is named with musical styles which are categorized into ten types. The volume level varies for different effects and it can adversely go high or low if you tune it while in play and this is a concern for some previous users. It’s also important to note that the documentation for this model is limited.

TC Electronic Body-Rez Pedal

Pro: High quality and flexible to use
Con: Might thin out sound

These are quite pricy but worth the cost. It produces studio-quality acoustic guitar tone with built-in feedback suppression. Its design is intended to restore the natural acoustic tone. This pedal is easy to use and provides phase switching to make tuning simpler. It also enhances sound quality and this pedal can also be powered with Boss PSA-120s which is a plus for its cost. Leaving the amp at neutral for the equalizer while using it will still give you the sound that you want.

Acoustic Guitar Digital Reverb Effects Pedals, Single Effects

Pro: Mini size true bypass
Con: Acoustic guitar with high quality is helpful for the pedal sound

This pedal comes in different colors ranging from yellow, black and blue. Unlike most acoustic guitar pedals, it has a mini size true bypass single effects pedals. It also helps guitar players get control of console, a feature not identified from the rest too. A guitar player can enjoy its use without much worry as it protects the original acoustic guitar sound and add special effects by the mini pedal connectivity. On the downside it does need an acoustic guitar with high quality to help pick up the pedal sounds. All in all it’s a wonderful pedal.

Kmise A0946 1 Pack Belcat FTN-525 Chromatic Pedal Tuner Black for Guitar or Bass

Pro: Chromatic tuning mode
Con: Limited packaging additions

This is a high quality testing brand. Compared to the latter, it’s much lighter in weight at 8.1 oz but the packaging has limited options too. Its tuning range however is impressive and stands at A0 (27.5HZ) – C8 (4186.00HZ). The connectors include and input jack, output jack and a DC input. It appears more compact in design and the black color gives it a shiny and smooth finish which makes it last long considering the durable material it’s made of. Compared to acoustic guitar simulator, it’s a bit expensive.

LC Prime® AROMA AAS-3 Acoustic Guitar Simulator Single Electric Effect Pedal True Bypass

Pro: Light
Con: Limited buttons

This particular instrument is quite affordable and worth the value. The AROMA model is not as popular as the rest though but it gets the job done somehow. It’s made of aluminum alloy and has an input of 1M Ohms with an output of 1K Ohms. Although it appears heavy, in reality it isn’t and weighs about 135g. The popular model comes in yellow although this seems to be the only color out there. The packaging includes a user manual, adhesive tape, guitar effect pedal and a hardcover box.

Behringer TU300 Chromatic Tuner

Pro: Quite affordable, fast and accurate
Con: Plastic fragile casing

The chromatic tuner is one of the most affordable of the acoustic guitar pedals. Most notably, it runs on a 9V battery which actually alerts you on its strength level. It also has an adjustable reference tone from 438 to 447 Hz. Another admirable feature is that it picks up any note you play on any string and tell you what it is. The chromatic feature does tell you the letters you are close as well. The downside is that the cover is made of plastic and this can easily break although it doesn’t compromise on its functionality.