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The Boss ME-50B bass multi-effect foot pedal is dream come true for most bass players. This pedal with a unique variety of sounds like the octave up, kick up and the new sound hold feature gives it its unique sound variation.


  • Can be battery power
  • Easy to use
  • Better sound effects
  • High Compatibility
  • Versatile


  • Expensive since you must buy the parts separately
  • Poor Sound Quality
  • No power Adapter

The Boss ME-50B multi-effects effect pedal is a worthy investment that is pocket-friendly to either a beginner, intermediate, or pro bass guitar player with all the necessary effects one would need in bass guitar.

Its metallic casing gives it a harder shell to prevent it from damages that may be as a result of the vigorous pressure from the feet during its usage.

The different division of the section is great form easy usage and manipulation while it is being used.

It is divided into 6 different tones that give it its uniqueness and the different tone range these sections include the master, filter/tone, synth/drive, modulation /delay, and my personal favorite the expression pedal.

Your bass effects can be edited using a 23-knob system which is controlled using a 3 built footswitch system with an assignable expression pedal.


  • Metal case for durability with a clear panel layout
  • An easy control system that is knob-based
  • Has a sound on sound recording with a kick drum effect for effective timekeeping.
  • Has a dedicated knob system for each sound effect.
  • A variety of tonal effects that come with an eq system note editing
  • Easy real-time control using 3 footswitches with an onboard expression
  • Sound hold function for sustain while playing over it
  • Has more than 30patches that include modulation, delay, reverb compression, etc.
  • Has a phone jack input option of ¼ inch with a DC and a VDC Input.
  • Has a true bypass
  • Contains a centrally mounted knob to control boost level for any low-frequency gain inbuilt


The Boss ME-50B has an awesome control style setup. It has a dedicated control system that gives each effect and parameter its own knob to regulate. Giving each module a feel of independence from the other.

It contains a multifunction expression pedal that also functions as a volume booster, wah, or an octave bass pedal.

The Bos ME-50 contains a tone modifier that is used to modify the tones, Sound compressor for compressing, Reverb function that eliminates reflected sound when playing, Master level that controls the master volume.

It also has an overdrive /distortion knobs that are used to change the bass tones and give it a different feel while playing. A modulation knobs to control the rate, depth, and the E level of the bass guitar while playing.

It has a delay knob used to delay time, feedback, or the E level and finally the expression button.

The Boss ME-50 has the following effects:

  • Tone modification
  • Compressor
  • Override /Distortion
  • Chorus
  • Phaser
  • Flanger
  • Harmonist

Sound Quality

The device has a high gain sound which is great without getting the mid-range squeezed as in other devices. It uses a COSM Technology that helps in overriding and distortion which includes all the favorite stompbox sounds.