Best Lightweight Bass Guitars
Less back-breaking basses

Best Lightweight Bass Guitars

Bass guitars can be heavy beasts – they tend to be longer than regular electric guitars and are often built from the heavier hardwoods, such as mahogany. They average out at 8.5 pounds to the standard electric’s 8 pounds and the weight range is much larger – from 4.7 to 12 pounds. That means the … Read more

Best Thin Neck Acoustic Guitars
Small Hands Guitars

Best Thin Neck Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars are available in many shapes and styles, and every person is bound to have his or her own unique needs based on playing style, hand size, budget, etc. In this article, we shall tell you how you can choose the perfect thin neck acoustic guitar for yourself. Remember- there is no “best” or … Read more

TOP 10 Best Taylor Guitars for the Money

Best Taylor Guitars for the Money

Finding the perfect guitar can be the real difference between a success and failure. When it comes to Taylor guitars there are many things that one should keep into consideration. The most important thing is to decide on your playing style. The more you are aware about your playing style, easier it is to find … Read more

What’s the Best Classical Guitar Under $500

If you are ready to purchase a classical guitar there are great options for every price range. Beginners and intermediate players alike appreciate a guitar with a full, rich sound. You may think that you’ll have to spend a fortune to get a sound that is of good quality but that just isn’t the case. … Read more