MXR M287 Sub Octave Bass Fuzz Review

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MXR is a qualified and renowned name in the entertainment industry. They have proven themselves severally by putting out remarkable and unfailing bass fuzz pedals in the market. The MXR M287 is one of a kind.


  • Compact
  • Responsive
  • Has excellent sound quality


  • Most of its users’ say that this pedal is a bit too “bassy’’ at times.
  • It’s not an all-time plethora of features
  • Disregards some highs and mids

The MXR M287 bass pedal comes with a clean headroom, a standard circuit with a higher tracking and the adaptability that present-day players demand.

It delivers a thrilling range of even musical sound from a tenor thickening snarl to a deep dub tone all this in one space.

Its voice is rich and throaty. It comes in two forms, one octave/ two-octave down.

It’s pedal panel friendly which every bass player who wants to straight up the tone depth of their instrument would require.


This product has a three-band equalizer and controls for fuzz, dry, gain, and octave which are great because with this feature you can personalize your bass sound.

It also includes a discrete dry volume regulator which guarantees clean low-end cover-up. With the three output levels, it is possible to generate your personal concealed tone without forfeiting any normal sound from your instruments.

Another good feature is the fuzz control section with two switchable voices which will help you nail your defined tone. Switchable octave will help you introduce a tone single octave down from your defined tone. The separate controls for fuzz, and active, will keep your low intact and the dry level will keep your modest tone to keep a signature sound.

The middle-level boost controls your dry signal. This product associates the growl section from MXRs bass active with a ground-shaking fuzz circuit. This would have been very useful when cutting through the mix to gain further versatility when using the MXR submachine.


  • Bypass Footswitch clasp effect bypass/on, the lighting of the LED white lamp will indicate on.
  • The gain knob controls the signal’s fuzz intensity.
  • The treble switch boosts or lowers fuzz signal’s high-end frequencies and the bass control will boost or cut fuzz signal’s lower-end frequencies.
  • The fuzz switch clasp between two fuzz mode and the fuzz knob controls fuzz signal volume.
  • Sub octave knob controls the sub-octave volume.
  • Dry knob controls the volume of the unaffected dry volume
  • Middle-level knob sets the amount of dry signals midrange boost.
  • Octave footswitch clasp sub-octave signal on/off. A blue LED lamp will indicate on.

Sound Quality

With the three separate output controls, it not very hard to rate the MXR M287 sounds. You can customize the sound with the range of options supported by the equalizer available.

If you listen to the Sub Octane when in action, you will hear the eminence of the fuzz on the bass. The fuzz sound when on red light is very dampened, but a little bit sizzly for my taste. I prefer it when it’s on blue, the fuzz sound is just wild, super aggressive.