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best-hi-hat-standsThe hi-hat is unlike any other cymbal, it is one of the most significant parts of your drum set. Percussionists normally use the hi-hat to set a tempo and maintain the beat or the rhythm of a song, while some drummers go as far as using their hi-hats as a crash substitute.

It is because this particular cymbal has so many moving parts, that it absolutely needs a stand in order to be played properly. Selecting your new hi-hat stand can be really easy if you just remember the following points.

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Choosing the best hi hat stand

1. Weight: The weight of the stand determines both its quality as well as the portability. Too light and it may be made from thin metal pipes, too heavy and you’ll have a hard time getting it from point A to point B. The best stands don’t need to weigh a ton, just enough to ensure that they are well made.

2. Mechanism: All good stands let you adjust the weight of the cymbals with different methods such as thumb screws, pedals, etc. Choose the technique that suits your style.

3. Legs: Some have two legs, while the others have three legs. Two legged stands are especially useful if you use double bass pedals since there is always the extra room for the second pedal thanks to no third leg.

4. Extra functions: Looks or spurs to keep your stand steady, clutch quality, memory locks, etc. The more features a stand has, the pricier it will be, so choose according to your current as well as potential future needs in mind. If you’re already spending a good amount of money, then the stand is probably supposed to be a long term investment, so might as well as shell out a few extra bucks to get completely future-proofed.

With all the above points in mind, take a quick look at the most well-built and popular hi hat cymbal stands in the market. All of them are made by reputed equipment manufacturing companies and are arranged in order of lowest to highest price.

The list contains stands for all types of drummers- beginners, enthusiasts, and even professionals. Make the wisest choice for yourself.

EDMBG Hi Hat Stand

Pro: Adjustable height, solid build
Con: Lacks stability under moderate to heavy usage

With three double braced legs and a rubber anti-slip stub and the end of each leg, the EDMBG Hi Hat stand is much more stable than similarly priced competitors and one of the best hi hat stands on our list – for the money. Its main pole can be easily adjusted in height, allowing both kids as well as adults to play their cymbals on this super affordable hi-hat stand. The minimum adjustable height is 2 feet, while the maximum is 3 feet.

The build feels sturdy, although the stand may feel slightly unstable under moderately heavy loads if used by an adult. It is however, great for beginning drummers due to its overall build quality and the fact that it is chain driven. If you wish to use it like a regular full-size hi-hat stand, then consider replacing the choke because the top hi-hat may drop in the middle of a performance since the default choke tends to slide on the pole.

Griffin Hi Hat Cymbal Stand

Pro: Retractable spurs, lockable clutch
Con: Spring feels slightly weak with larger hi hats

The Griffin Hi Hat cymbal stand boasts retractable spurs to enhance stability and to prevent the stand from slipping even under the highest loads. The pipe joints are nylon brushed to increase durability and prevent them from locking or jamming. The stand also features double braced legs with rubber anti-slip feet, and a lockable hi-hat clutch with cymbal felts. The diameter of the base pipe is 19 mm, meaning that it is sturdy and can handle larger cymbals easily, and the height is adjustable from 24″ to 39″. Also, the top hi-hat tends to slide down during intensive performances, as the spring on this stand is not thick enough to support a 14” or larger cymbal.

Gearlux Double-Braced Hi Hat Stand

Pro: Double braced rubber tipped legs
Con: Needs a larger wing nut

With a triple leg configuration and non-slip rubber feet, this hi-hat stand is pretty much unshakable. The main tubes are of large diameter to ensure structural strength and balance, while the double braced base keeps your cymbals steady even when you strike them with all your strength. This stand can easily collapse down so you will be able to carry it around to gigs and practice sessions. Despite its tough body and thick tubing, the stand itself weighs only 4.2 lbs. The under-sized wingnut is pretty loose on the threads, which is why you may need to replace it with a full-size wingnut.

CB Drums JRX07C Hi Hat Stand

Pro: Nicely built yet lightweight
Con: The free cymbals arrive inverted
These are incredibly well built hi hat stands despite their super low price tag, and although they can extend long enough for an adult to use them, the JRX07C is really built to act as a training stand for young beginners, and amateur drummers. It includes a set of free cymbals which are actually suitable only for complete beginner, so you might want to replace them with something better from the market if you plan to make the most out of this stand. The stand itself is about 3 feet tall and the cymbals can be positioned up to 8″ beneath the maximum height.

Pacific Drums DW 700 Hi Hat Cymbal Stand

Pro: Includes cast tilters and double braced legs
Con: Not easily adjustable

The DW 700 hi hat stand aims to provide premium grade performance in an affordable package, without compromising on build quality. They definitely did not miss out on performance as the stand is equipped with double braced legs and rubber feet for extra stability. This is a 3 leg model, so it sacrifices pedal space for extra stability, and that could come in handy for a drummer who doesn’t use a double bass pedal. The maximum height of the stand is about 48″, which should be more than enough for almost all users, even if you are 6 feet tall. The clutch does not slip and comes with a spike, while the pedal feels sturdy and responds well. This is a simple, no-gimmicks hi hat stand that is sturdily built and performs consistently without showing ny signs of bending, folding, wobbling, or slipping.

Pearl H930 Hi Hat Stand

Pro: Heavy duty frame and clutch, lifetime warranty
Con: Hard to find

This Pearl hi hat stand sports the perfect balance of high-quality parts and performance-oriented features, along with a very attractive price tag. It is the hi-hat stand of choice for most semi-professional or enthusiast drummers who wish to get premium features at a lower price, and it is even capable of being used as a practice stand by professional drummers who wish to hone their skills at home. The pedal is thick and well padded, while the entire frame is built from medium gauge steel. The height goes from 22″ up to 36″, and the legs as well as the pole are chrome plated for added rust protection and smoothness of operation. The feet can swivel and the spring comes with a tension dial so you can always get the perfect response from your hi-hats regardless of their size.

Yamaha HS-650A Hi-Hat Stand

Pro: Lightweight and easily adjustable
Con: Main rod might be a little short for some

The Yamaha HS-650A hi hat stand is built to be extremely sturdy and is designed from high-quality materials such as chrome plated steel, high strength nylon, and aluminum. The adjustable tension knob lets you adjust the tension of your spring to match the cymbals weight and size, allowing for perfect muting or choking. The adjustable legs make it easier for you to fit this stand in all parts of your drum set and the extendable pole allows you to adjust the mounting height according to your preference. It uses a chain pedal and standard clutch. The only thing that some users may not like is the rather short main pole, which might be a tad too small for people around the 6 feet mark and above.

DW DWCP3500T Hi Hat 2-Leg Cymbal Stand

Pro: Two-leg design allows double base pedals, hinged memory locks
Con: Needs slight tuning to achieve proper stability

The DWCP3500T is a twin-legged hi hat stand which means there is space to mount extra pedals for your bass drum. It uses hinged memory locks at the tube rings to guarantee precise and fail-proof height management every time. The exclusive Lateral Cymbal Seat feature lets you instantly access the bottom cymbal angle, which could let you dramatically alter your playing style and tempo on the fly, in the middle of a performance. It even has a 379 locking clutch, and all the pipes as well, as the base legs are fully chrome plated. The stand height can vary from between 30″ to over 48″.

Tama TAMHH905N Iron Cobra Hi Hat Stand

Pro: Memory clamps, folding base
Con: Hard to find

With its memory clamps and folding base, the Tama TAMHH905N Iron Cobra is probably the best hi-hat stand on the market right now in terms of sheer precision and performance. The high-quality parts ensure at least a decade of working life, and the all chrome body feels super slick and is 100% corrosion resistant. There is zero creep, and the locking clutch functions magnificently, meaning that this is actually a professional grade hi-hat stand, that is available at consumer level pricing. No, it is not a cheap hi hat stand, but it’s still worth every bit of its premium price tag, and will greatly improve your overall drumming experience.