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It seems as though time continues to go by, some things never change. Most things seem to get better with time, but there is no denying the fact that classic rock is what sticks around and seems to just get better as the years go by.

Everyone loves classic rock music because it seems to speak to the soul in many ways, however, there are some songs that stick out more than others for one reason or another. Some songs are known for their amazing drum solos, others for the vocalists. Below are the top 15 rock songs that are known for the greatest bass solos of all time.

1.) Maxwell Murder by Rancid

This is a punk rock song that is known for the musical impulses that favor the styles of many classic punk musicians. During the song “Maxwell Murder” there is a bass solo that is meant for a 4 string bass and is 3-chords. It is a total rager that allows bass chords to shine.

2.) Fireball by Deep Purple

Roger Glover is one of the best bassists that ever lived, and yet he continues to be more underrated than he should be. This song has one of the best bass solos ever with Roger Glover going to town and taking a typical bass solo to the next noisy level which takes the song into the next level of a rager!

3.) Mountain Jam by The Allman Brothers

The Allman Brothers have a lead guitarist whose talents are absolutely mind-blowing. However, it is their bassist whose playing has pioneered the way for many other bassists to learn from. This is a 30-minute jam with an amazing bass solo with Berry Oakley, the bassist, being one that people have learned from for years afterward.

4.) Dance of Eternity by Dream Theater

Bassist John Myung shows off his bass playing skills in this progressive metal song by being able to do a solo and keep up with a beat that changes over 104 times in just the 6-minute song.

5.) Oleo by Cactus

Bassist Tim Bogert is known as a bass hero of the whole 1960s. He plays a 4-string bass guitar with the bands Vanilla Fudge and actus. This song, Oleo, in particular, has inspired many bassists due to the way he played the clawhammer, and how he used the fuzz in this solo in particular.

6.) The Fish by Yes

This song was written as a tribute to the bassist, Chris Squire so he could use his bass skills to create an overdriven, melodic sound that deeply impacted the listeners.

7.) Stay Clean by Motorhead

Lemmy of Motorhead is considered one of the best bassists of all time. There are plenty of amazing bass players out there, but he is considered the best of the best. His solo in this song is one of the toughest bass solos of all time and one that bass players aspire to play.

8.) Time Machine by The Winery Dogs

The difficulty of this song proves Bassist Billy Sheehan is one of the best bass players that ever existed. He can create beautiful harmonies with other guitarists using his bass and can slay just about any solo given to him.

9.) NIB by Black Sabbath

Geezer Butler is a vastly underrated bassist yet influential for his time. This solo was one of the first bass solos to happen in rock music, yet has heavy jazz and heavy metal influences in his playing style.

10.) Tommy The Cat by Primus

This song features an off the wall solo by bassist Les Claypool. It is a funky solo that is a little more different than other bass solos yet has a strong lead rhythm bass style.

11.) Crossroads by The Cream

This song has amazing lead-guitar solos, but the bassist, Jack Bruce really tears it up with some bass solos. Jack Bruce was one of the first bassists who showed off amazing bass skills and proved that the bassist doesn’t have to be in the backlight.

12.) YYZ by Rush

Geddy Lee is a bassist who was typically happy to be in the background laying out a good rhythm for everyone else. This song, however, features amazing bass solos that showed off the amazing skills that Lee really did have.

13.) The Lemon Song by Led Zeppelin

John Paul Jones is one of rock music’s best bassists. Not only could he shred the bass, but he could arrange music, write songs, and play the keyboard. This song that he helped write was nothing less than a bass solo masterpiece.

14.) Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) by Metallica

Bassist Cliff Burton played this song to really showcase his skills and show the generation of bassists behind him that there was a way you could bring the bass into the spotlight. This song inspired many young bassists to learn the bass and find ways to create rock solos for themselves.

15.) My Generation By The Who

The Who is known as the granddaddy of all rock and roll and the same goes for their bass solos. This sing is all rock and roll but it has strong jazz influences in it and the solo changed people’s minds about just what a bassist could do with a song.