Review of Best Snare Drums

Best Snare Drums

A good snare drum is what drives the whole drum kit. Bass drums provide the “thump”, cymbals and hi-hats supply the jazz, but snares are the backbone of it all. The snare is the glue that holds together all the sounds coming from a drum kit, hence a good snare drum is absolutely essential if … Read more

Best Cheap/On The Budget Drum Sets/Kits

Best Cheap On The Budget Drum Sets Kits

If you are an aspiring drummer or a parent who is looking for an affordable/cheap/on the buget drum set for your kid, then you have come to the right place. We did all the research so all you have to do is choose the set that suits your budget, which should be really easy since … Read more

How To Pick Best Jazz Drum Set/Kit

Your guide to the best jazz drum set kit

A steady pulse is one of a musician’s greatest asset. For you to play in and out of time or through syncopations, you must have a thorough mastery of time. The same is true for a drummer, being the steady backbone of the band. All the thump and clicks the drummer produces equates to the … Read more

Best Electronic Drum Sets/Kits


Although the first commercial electronic drums were released as early as the 1980’s, only recently have they been gaining widespread popularity as a versatile and powerful musical tool set. The amount of options that you get with an electronic drum set/kit is limitless. They are capable of producing hundreds of different notes and rhythms, while … Read more

Best Intermediate Drum Sets/Kits

Best Intermediate Drum Sets/Kits

At the heart of every great band, is a great drummer. In short, the drummer is the rhythm making heart of any band. Two fine examples of how a drummer’s ability to create memorable rhythms ended up influencing the overall sound of the band are, Chris Adler from ‘Lamb of God’ and Keith Moon from … Read more