Best Fender Tube Combo Amps
Get Your Fender Sound

Best Fender Tube Combo Amps

For the most part, Fender amps stand in direct opposition to heavy guitar tones with their classically clean leanings. That’s not to say that there isn’t versatility within the wide array of Fender amps, but if you know that Fender amp sound then you know it. This list is a comparison between some of the … Read more

Best Practice Amps for Metal Music
Get Those Metal Riffs

Best Practice Amp for Metal Music

Whether you’re a full-time professional rock star, or a teen jamming out in their bedroom, the amplifier you choose to play your guitar has a huge impact on the sound of your music. Metal often calls for such a specific quality of tone that it’s really important to match up the right amp to your … Read more

Best Marshall Combo Amps
Tube, Solid State and Digital

Best Marshall Combo Amps

If you’ve spent any time in the world of guitars you’ll have found it hard to miss the name Marshall. This British company has been producing great quality amplifiers and other audio products for nearly 60 years now. Today though, we’re going to be looking at the best combo amps in their range. Our top … Read more

Best Phono Preamp [Under $100]
Budget Preamp Options

Best Phono Preamp Under 100 budget cheap

Unless you like listening to your favorite song at lower levels than intended, or like the sound of distortion interfering with it. Most people don’t though, and that’s where having a quality phono preamp can come in handy, to say the least. You might be wondering why you would buy a separate phono preamp when … Read more

Roundup of the Best Guitar Amp Attenuators [UPADATED]

Best Guitar Amp Attenuators (1)

Whether you’re a bedroom musician who needs to keep the noise down for the neighbors or a touring professional who needs to control volume and tone on stage, an attenuator has its place in the toolkit of most guitar players. Our top attenuator is the Tone King Ironman II Mini, it’s a fantastic little unit … Read more

Best 5-Watt Tube Amplifiers

Best 5 Watt Tube Amplifiers

In this review, Marshall DSL5 got at the top of our list for one of the best 5-watt tube amps on the market. When most people are thinking of the tone, they are thinking of an early 1960s Marshall amp. The two Marshall amps on our list bring this tone with ease and through powerful … Read more

What Are The Best 15-Watt Tube Amps

best 15-watt tube amp for your guitar vintage sound

When you go out to buy a 15-watt tube amp, an amp that is very common among small-time gig runners and professionals who wish to practice at home, you need to make sure that you’re getting the product from a reputable brand. The importance of quality components is often understated, but since tube amps tend … Read more

Tube Amp vs Solid State – Choose Both for Best Results

Tube Amp vs Solid State? Choose Both for Best Results

Beginning in the middle of the last century, the electronics industry, audio amplifier manufacturers included, set off on an all-out drive to phase out valve-tubes in their product’s circuitry. To electronic manufactures, the new solid-state transistors that were massively retiring the glass valves were cheaper, less demanding in peripherals, sturdy in form, and much easier … Read more

What Are The Best Guitar Amps under $300?

The Amp Chronicle - The best Guitar amps under $300

Today we are suggesting what do you need to watch out when you go out to buy a guitar amp under $300. Every guitarist’s journey begins with getting acquainted with chords and scales. All guitarists will agree that this is one of the most monotonous experiences in life. As guitar practice begins, the first things … Read more

Distortion Sounds: Best Solid State Amp

Best Solid State Amp

Solid state amps differ from traditional tube amps in cost, tone, and build. Many think tube amplifiers create a much warmer tone with better distortion compared to solid state amps. Unfortunately tube amps often cost much more up front than a solid state amp and on top of that, they require regular maintenance (replacing the … Read more