What Are The Best 12-Inch Guitar Speakers?

What Are The Best 12-Inch Guitar Speakers

One of the biggest factors that contribute to the signal chain is the amplifier. But with the mass production of guitar amplifiers nowadays, how will you be able to differentiate your tone from the guitarist next door? The answer, of course, is by modification. And one of the sure-fire components that you can alter to … Read more

Best 10-Inch Guitar Speakers [TOP PICKS]
A Perfect Ten

Your guide to the best 10 inch guitar speakers

So whether you are building your cabinet from the ground up or simply replacing a busted woofer here are some of the best 10-inch guitar speakers on the market today. Enjoy! 10-inch Speakers We Recommend Eminence Ragin Cajun Patriot Series Power rating: 75 W Nominal impedance: 8 ohms Magnet Type: Ferrite Frequency range: 75 – … Read more

Top 8-Inch Guitar Speakers

Best 8 Inch Guitar Speaker

Whether you are building your cabinet from scratch or simply replacing your busted speakers, here’s our offer for the best 8-inch guitar speakers available in the market today for your amp-hacking needs. Recommended 8-Inch Guitar Speakers Jensen Vintage C8R8 8-Inch Ceramic Speaker, 8 ohm What’s good: Reproduces the classic “tweed” sound that vintage players go … Read more

Passive PA Speakers [Updated List]

Best Passive PA Speakers

Competitive options clutter the PA speaker market. Being a music enthusiast myself, I’ve listed below the best passive PA speakers for you to add to your amplifier for any budget, room size, or event. To me, there is one clear winner in this roundup – the JBL JRX215, due to its specific design being centered … Read more

Look At Some Of The Best Speakers For Classical Music

Best Speakers For Classical Music

If you love classical music, you may likely find yourself listening to the same classical composers and even the same songs regularly. One of the best ways to enhance your favorite music is to make sure that you are using the best quality of speakers for any listening at home. Picking up a good set … Read more

Guide to The Best Powered PA Speakers

Guide to The Best Powered PA Speakers

As a musician, a challenge that you most often have to overcome during public performances is to ensure your music sounds get to your audience in the best form possible. Powered PA speakers come in handy here. These speakers, also known as active speakers, differ from passive speakers. The former come with inbuilt amplifiers and … Read more

Best 3-way Speakers – Bookshelf and Floorstanding

Best 3-way Speakers – Bookshelf and Floorstanding

A normal 2-way speaker usually has two different sound drivers, a woofer to take care of the bass and a tweeter to handle the frequencies of the treble. On the other hand, a 3 –way speaker has three designated drivers that aim at providing you with better sound quality and detail all through the range. … Read more