Best Lightweight Bass Guitars
Less back-breaking basses

Best Lightweight Bass Guitars

Bass guitars can be heavy beasts – they tend to be longer than regular electric guitars and are often built from the heavier hardwoods, such as mahogany. They average out at 8.5 pounds to the standard electric’s 8 pounds and the weight range is much larger – from 4.7 to 12 pounds. That means the … Read more

Best Thin Neck Acoustic Guitars
Small Hands Guitars

Best Thin Neck Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars are available in many shapes and styles, and every person is bound to have his or her own unique needs based on playing style, hand size, budget, etc. In this article, we shall tell you how you can choose the perfect thin neck acoustic guitar for yourself. Remember- there is no “best” or … Read more

MIDI Keyboard For Garageband – Keyboard Controller


Even a common everyday gadget like an iPad can instantly become a fully equipped recording studio via GarageBand. All you would need to maximize this application is a decent MIDI controller. In my opinion, out of the list of MIDI keyboards for Garageband, the one that best fits the criteria is the Novation Launchkey 25. As … Read more

Review of Best Snare Drums

Best Snare Drums

A good snare drum is what drives the whole drum kit. Bass drums provide the “thump”, cymbals and hi-hats supply the jazz, but snares are the backbone of it all. The snare is the glue that holds together all the sounds coming from a drum kit, hence a good snare drum is absolutely essential if … Read more

Best Cheap/On The Budget Drum Sets/Kits

Best Cheap On The Budget Drum Sets Kits

If you are an aspiring drummer or a parent who is looking for an affordable/cheap/on the buget drum set for your kid, then you have come to the right place. We did all the research so all you have to do is choose the set that suits your budget, which should be really easy since … Read more

How To Pick Best Jazz Drum Set/Kit

Your guide to the best jazz drum set kit

A steady pulse is one of a musician’s greatest asset. For you to play in and out of time or through syncopations, you must have a thorough mastery of time. The same is true for a drummer, being the steady backbone of the band. All the thump and clicks the drummer produces equates to the … Read more

Best Drum Machines – REVIEWS & COMPARISONS

Akai Professional MPC 5000

Drum machines have become an integral part of music production since the last decade, with the rise of electronic music genres such as house music, dubstep, etc. Their versatility and power let them adjust to any music genre with a few button presses, you can generate any sort of rhythm on them, including intense high-speed beats … Read more