Best Practice Amp for Metal Music

Best Practice Amp for Metal Music

You have finally picked up your first electric guitar and we understand just how much of an exhaustive experience it must have been, to finally make a choice, given the sea of options available at your disposal and now it is time to plug your axe into a worthy amplifier. This time, we are with you to help make your journey in choosing the right beginner amplifier for you, a lot easier!

So let’s jump right in and take a look at what we think are some really great choices for practice amps for metal that shall help you hone your riff writing and soloing skills.

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Blackstar IDCORE10 10W Stereo Combo Amplifier

Pro: Excellent value for money. Large choices of on board effects. No need to buy separate effects processor. Compact and portable. Has Usb Output for recording.
Con: The 3 inch speakers may feel like they lack in sound definition. The equalizer could have been better, even though the on board effects makeup weak effect of the eq knob.

Blackstar have done a wonderful job with the IDCORE 10. This little guy can be a brilliant companion for you, to be able to get started out on learning how to dial in the perfect tone setting. Looking for the scooped thrash metal sound of the 80s or for the weight of today’s djent sound? This amp can deliver them all. At it’s price range, this amp is excellent value for money. The best feature we personally like about the Black star are the twelve stereo effects. With a variety of effects to choose from, you may not need to invest in an effects processor for a long time!

Fender Super Champ X2 15-Watt 1×10-Inch Guitar Combo Amplifier

Pro: The most affordable tube/modelling amp on the market. Diverse tones. Provides phenomenal warmth to your tone at all settings. Powerful enough to be used for band practice. Awesome built in effects that can be plugged into the computer and changed with Fender’s software suite.
Con: No provision for foot switch connection. It really is actually a hybrid and if you are a professional, the quality of this may feel inferior to a proper tube set up.

Equipped with a 10 inch speaker, the Super Champ has been crafted specifically for the purist. This can be your first step, if your ears crave for the warmth of a tube amp. The Fender is all about some vintage sounding goodness and the old school metal sound. This 15 watt amp, is the kind that can help you give a small scale performance in front of your friends if you wished to. One of the best practice amps that your money can buy. The clean sounds are so good on this one that you can use this as a low budget amp to record your tracks, especially now that it is loaded with ample effects. This practice amp is loved by beginners and professionals alike.

Rogue G10 10W 1×5 Guitar Combo Amplifier

Pro: A fairly good package for beginners to get acquainted with dialing in and experimenting with tone. A great option for parents who don’t want to spend a lot. Light and compact.
Con: Quality wise there may be a lot left to be desired for. It is unsurprisingly easy to grow out of, even for a beginner.

A blessing in disguise for someone who really wants to get started off, but is strapped for cash, the Rogue G10 is the ultimate value for money pack. Weighing in at a mere 7 pounds, the amp is ultra portable and is packed with some decent power. A brilliant way to get started, for someone with a thirst for power chords.

Marshall MG10CF MG Series 10-Watt Guitar Combo Amp

Pro: Has the finesse and character of a tube amp when playing cleans. Covers the needs of a wide variety of guitarists, from that of a blues player to a through and through metal player. One of the most versatile amps out there, for this price.
Con: The controls could have been a lot easier to use, especially the toggle options. For a practice amp that is targeted towards beginners, this solid state does not have a lot of built in effects. Also there are no tonal controls, just volume, gain and contour.

The crush of every Metal head, Marshall has created a very versatile set up with this one. For starters this is a brilliant looking amp, with the carbon fiber finish and has been executed in signature Marshall style. Despite not running on tube technology, the clean channel on this one is enough to give you goosebumps, a commendable feat indeed. For the metal head though, we highly recommend this one for its pure viciousness across the whole sound spectrum. For a 10 watt rig, it sounds really powerful and is something that can get you into trouble with your neighbors! Marshall has followed a no nonsense approach with this one and boy does it sound good! Check our review of best Marshall Combo Amps!

Fender Champion 20 – 20-Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier

Pro: Master of tonal versatility, you can get your cleans to sound like an acoustic guitar if you wanted to and the distortion is enough to shake the foundation of your apartment. The built in effects are the icing on the cake with this one.
Con: We are certain that with a bigger speaker, things would have been much better. This amp simply is too good to be bottle necked with an 8 inch speaker.

Fully loaded with effects and equipped with a dedicated effects knob, this 20 watt amp, packs plenty of punch. The built in modelling features and power mean that you are going to be holding onto it for a long time. Band practices and home gigs for your friends are not going to be a problem with this one. All of this comes for a very sweet price. Pure tonal bliss. It’s called the ‘Champion’ for a reason!

Line 6 Spider IV 15 15-watt 1×8 Modeling Guitar Amplifier

Pro: It is difficult to find another practice amp loaded with these many features and presets. Our personal favorite is the ability to be able to create and save preset tones to the channel memory. High gain champion.
Con: With such a vast slew of features, it is easy to get lost in technicalities. There is a significant learning curve associated with the usage of the Line6.

An absolute pioneer and a dedicated amp, crafted specifically for a headbanging guitarist, the Line 6 feels like it was conceived in the depths of hell as a purpose made riff machine. Ground breaking technology like the smart fx and tonal presets are enough to make you want to rip out hair out in frustration, if you are falling short of cash to buy this baby. The spider IV 15 took the metal guitar players world by storm, as a one stop wonder to wreak havoc. This one has the potential to be an instant favorite for any metal guitarist. With all the goodness of a diverse range of metal tones it can produce, it is easy to forget that it can produce some soul stirringly beautiful cleans as well.

Peavey 6505+ 112 Combo Guitar Electric Guitar Amplifier

Pro: A heavily customized and a scaled down version of the tube driven 6505 half stack. Great and a cost effective way to get familiarized with a tube set up for a lesser cost.
Con: There are much better solid state amps that are a lot cheaper that can produce an equally good, if not better sound than the Peavey 6505+112 Combo amp.

A scaled down version of the iconic Peavey 6505 tube amp, the 6505/combo amp is basically a half stack for your bedroom. The characteristic Peavey 6505 bite is audible on this one and this is pure, tube driven class. Loaded with one 12 inch Sheffield speaker, the separate 3 band equalizer is built to train your ears on the intricacy of tonal changes. This combo amp is your ticket from being a beginner, to entering metamorphosis to be a fully trained heavy metal guitarist.