Boss DD-7 Bass Delay Review – Increased Modulation Delay on a Budget

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The Boss DD-7 joins a long line of Boss products, including the DD3, DD5, and DD6. You get a combination of some of the best features from the predecessors and the newer aspects of the DD7. The DD-7 digital delay pedal has a host of features, including modulation delay mode, analog delay mode, options for external pedal controls, and longer delay times, among others.


  • Compact and durable
  • High-quality sound
  • Modulation mode


  • Fewer delay setting options
  • A bit noisy
  • You have to purchase a footswitch and level pedal separately

Boss is a popular product because of their innovative and quality equipment, and we can expect no less from the DD-7. Let us no get to the features.

  • Delay of up to 6.4 seconds
  • Modulation delay for chorus or natural type sounds
  • Analog delay mode for warmer sounds
  • Tap tempo controllable via external footswitch
  • Feedback, delay and effect level capabilities via an external expression pedal
  • 40 seconds of hold mode sound recording
  • Stereo input and output


The DD-7 is versatile and gives you many options for tuning and delay. You can enable hands-free control of the DD-7 pedal by using an expression pedal and external footswitch. You will have to purchase the expression pedal separately as it does not come as part of the package. The expression pedal will control the feedback, effects level and delay.

The external footswitch controls the tap tempo. However, you have the option of tap tempo without the external controls. You need to press the pedal footswitch for 2 seconds, and then tap the tempo to access the feature.

Sound Quality

Boss DD-7 Digital...

The sound from the DD-7 is clear with a touch of warmth due to the analog delay mode. You may not get the same level of warmth as you would the Boss DM-2, but I feel that this is one of the best features of the DD-7. You get excellent sound production and a lively sound making it one of the best products from the company to date.

The hold mode will allow you to experiment with the different loops and basic sounds. The only disadvantage is that you cannot save the loops as it does not have that functionality.

The modulation mode will give you chorus style sounds; however, you cannot adjust the level or depth of the effects. This may not be a deal-breaker, especially if you are not sure that you need that functionality.

I also enjoy the reverse sound, which allows me to experiment with more sounds and psychedelic flavors when playing my favorite tunes. The stereo output will allow you to create amazing sound effects through the stereo panning. You can create unique audio sounds, as well as separate wet and dry signal paths.

What I like is that the control settings are easy to use, allowing me to adjust my sound and delays as I wish. I can even change the effect level during play via the level pedal. You decide on the feedback and delay you want without fiddling with too many control settings.