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If you love classical music, you may likely find yourself listening to the same classical composers and even the same songs regularly. One of the best ways to enhance your favorite music is to make sure that you are using the best quality of speakers for any listening at home.

Picking up a good set of high-quality speakers will improve the level of clarity and can even help you to appreciate some of your favorite classical music on a whole new level.

Dig in as we take a look at some of the best speakers to listen to classical music.

ImageSpeakers For Classical MusicSpecs
KEF Q150B Q150...
Our Pick

Price not available at Amazon
Enclosure: Bass Reflex, Woofer Size (inches): 5.25, Power Range: 10-100, Sensitivity: 86 dB, Impedance 8 Ohms, Frequency Response: 51-28k Hz, Height (inches) 11-15/16, Width (inches) 7-1/8, Depth (inches) 11-1/16
Focal Aria 906...Price not available at AmazonFrequency response (+/- 3dB) 55Hz - 28kHz, Low frequency point - 6 dB 47Hz, Sensitivity (2.83V / 1m) 89.5dB, Nominal impedance 8 Ohms, Minimum impedance 4.6 Ohms, Recommended amplifier power 25 - 120W, Crossover frequency 2800Hz, Dimensions (H x W x D) 15 3/8" x 8 7/8" x 11 1/32 (390x225x280mm), Weight 19lbs (8.5kg)
MartinLogan...$1,249.98 at AmazonFrequency Response: 42–22,000 Hz ±3dB, Horizontal Dispersion: 30°, Sensitivity: 91 dB/2.83 volts/meter, Impedance: 6 Ohms, 1.6 @ 20kHz Compatible with 4, 6, or 8 Ohm rated amplifiers, Crossover Frequency: 500Hz, Weight: 35.5 lbs. (16.1 kg), Dimensions: 52.1" x 9" x 16.3 " (132.3cm x 22.9cm x 41.4cm)
Sony SSCS3 3-Way...Price not available at AmazonFREQUENCY RESPONSE: 45 Hz–50 kHz, DIMENSIONS (W X H X D): 9.05 x 36.30 x 10.24 in, FRONT SPEAKER RATED IMPEDANCE: 6 ohms, FRONT SPEAKER SYSTEM: 3-way, 4-driver speaker system

Bookshelf Picks

KEF Q 150 Bookshelf Speakers

What’s good: Excellent bass and warm midrange tones, Rugged look

Not so good: No option for speaker screens, Lacking upper midrange tones

The best bass on a bookshelf – Q 150 bookshelf speakers from KEF are designed to deliver a pure hi-fi sound. The speakers are available for a price that sits in the middle of our tested speakers.

The speaker design from KEF for these bookshelf models features a tweeter and will for that are mounted in an accessible format. The two-way style speakers way a surprising 16 pounds each but offer a slim profile that will fit on most bookshelves. The texture of the sound that they can create is impressive for their small size.

They may not be able to deliver the same precise and enveloping sound that is expected from a tower speaker, but they can compete with most budget surround sound options.

One other small drawback of these speakers is that the speaker screens need to be ordered from the KEF website. Foam plugs need to be installed on each speaker for an additional cost.

Klipsch R 41 M

What’s good: Excellent articulation on the midrange and highs, Beautiful design, Can be paired with a subwoofer

Not so good: Doesn’t save recent Bluetooth devices for pairing, Can lack some bass response

The best high tech bookshelf speakers – weighing in at a surprising 18.7 pounds, these speakers mean business with their 4-inch copper woofers. Klipsch has created an iconic look with the reference logo as part of the main tweeter.

Silicone pads on the bottom also ensure that speakers will always sit at their prime angle for proper resonance and to control bass vibrations. Sub-bass from these speakers is a bit lacking with the 76 Hz to 21 Hz range.

The mid-to-high sounds are undeniable, and the option for USB and Bluetooth connection make this the perfect choice for listening to classical music on your phone or using storage.

KEF LS50 Mini Monitor

What’s good: Good looking and extremely powerful, true to recording sound quality, rated high by many audio equipment review magazines.

Not so good: You may need to spend time placing it accordingly to get the sound quality that you want from it, for a particular environment.

Given a much-coveted ‘A’ rating by Stereophile, the LS50 mini monitor by KEF is fully loaded with proprietary technology that is dedicated to bringing true sound quality into your living room.

Quite frankly the detail of sound that these little monitors produce, is equivalent to the sound quality of larger and more expensive equipment. Driven by KEF’s Uni Q speakers that were originally intended for their flagships monitors, DLS 15 is the result of countless hours of research and development.

The work put in by the company shows when you play your favorite track on it. If you are looking for your own ‘home concert’ set up the LS50 mini-monitors and your job is done.

Yamaha NS-333

What’s good: Superb value for money

Not so good: Needs a subwoofer to pull up the lows

Equipped with 5-inch diameter cone woofers and a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter, this is a straightforward approach to creating top-quality sound from Yamaha.

The NS-333 speakers are rated at 150 Watts and pack plenty of punch for entry at this price range.

These are heavy-duty shelf speakers that can rival the performance of its more expensive counterparts.

The Yamaha NS-333 speakers pack enough punch for you to be able to enjoy the bright tones of the string instruments in a classical music track.

Focal Aria 906

What’s good: Another small and powerful package that is a sonic champion.

Not so good: Fairly new in the market and does not have a well-established reputation for the competition.

Another well-made set of speakers at a higher price range, the Focal Aria is the result of some good acoustic research and development by Focal, in France.

These speakers are very refined and have a great tonal quality thanks to the use of noble metals in the drivers. The compactness of these speakers ensures that it will not take up a lot of space on your shelf while still packing plenty of punch.

It is recommended for listening in rooms from 160ft2 (15m2) and a distance of 8ft (2.5m)

The ability of the Focal Aria to reproduce all of the frequencies really well making it a great option for enjoying some classical music.

Floor Standing Picks

Polk T50 150

What’s good: Offer excellent sound quality for the price, Excellent aesthetics

Not so good: Treble settings can highlight harsh tones, Only available in one finish

The Polk T50 speakers offer a very style-conscious choice for your home theater or classical music speakers.

Even though they are considerably thinner than full-size tower speakers, they provide an excellent level of power with their bass. The finish is very stylish, and the only real drawback with these speakers is that it can often highlight some of the harsh tones in classical music like a cymbal crash and make it sound even sharper.

With some fine-tuning adjustments to the EQ, this set of speakers can offer an exceptional listing experience and design improvement for your home at a budget price.

Sony SSCS3

What’s good: Intense sound, Highly compact, Solid and well designed

Not so good: Amp can be configured too loudly to start, will require adjustment, Only 10 lbs and can topple easily

Sony set out to produce crystal-clear sound with the SSCS3. These floor-standing speakers deliver a top-quality theater sound in any living space and accurate high-resolution audio

Not a single note is missed with the 45 to 50 kHz frequency response. The wide dispersion super tweeters that Sony has produced here make sure that none of the high tones are lost either.

The only small adjustment that many owners need to make out-of-the-box is turning down the bass notes ever so slightly. The Sony amplifier counterpart for these speakers can often be set up loudly with a bass boost.

It’s easy to hear almost every tone and note with these quality and compact tower speakers.

Definitive Technology BP-9040

What’s good: A full range of response you would get at a theatre, Built-in subwoofers for added power

Not so good: Fabric wrap is tough to replace and fragile, Requires individual outlet for each speaker

Definitive Technology sets out to produce an Atmos quality speaker with a built-in subwoofer. Although these tower speakers are quite expensive, they offer a superior sound quality with some of the best full-range response you can get in a home theater.

The subwoofer technology was developed for the digital organ that plays in the Trinity Church in New York City. The tower speaker can, in some cases, outperform the power that the organ produces for some of the most incredible sounds for classical music listeners.

Reducing the need for multiple subwoofers in your set up can miniaturize your sound system, but each of these speakers requires their outlet. The fabric wrap on these speakers can also be quite fragile and will need a trip back to the factory for a replacement if it is broken.

The delicate wrap is a minimal price to pay for the quality of audio these speakers can deliver.

MartinLogan ElectroMotion ESL Hybrid Electrostatic

What’s good: One of the best full spectrum speakers at this price range in the market.

Not so good: Placement is crucial and can take a lot of time, meant for larger rooms.

Some of the best work from the house of Martin Logan is evident with the Electromotion ESL.

They have a unique audio character and are not like anything in this price range. The soundstage and quality are absolutely ethereal and you get a well-balanced experience with these speakers.

In fact, the electrostatic speakers are so good that you do not have a need for a subwoofer at all.

Listening to some great classical music on the speakers is guaranteed to be a blast.

Polk Audio RTI A9

What’s good: Awesome value for money, superior quality.

Not so good: For larger rooms, you may find the need to use a complimentary subwoofer to boost the lows.

One of the best set of floor standing speakers which money can buy, the Polk audio RTI has clear mids, highs and punchy bass quality.

Built for power, they can be driven up to 300 Watts, that is when you can feel the punch emanating from these floor speakers.

Driven by their latest dynamic balance cone drivers and 1-inch tweeters, these speakers also feature Polk’s patented power port technology.

The clear-cut sound definition of the speakers makes it the perfect set of drivers to turn your home into an Opera House in an instant.