Look At Some Of The Best Speakers For Classical Music

Best speakers for classical music

Classical music is the culmination of the sounds of multiple instruments and is one of the very few things on earth that is worthy of being called a spectacle. It is a traditional art form that remains to be an entirely instrumental endeavor, without the use of computer synthesized music and beats.




Price for 1 minute


Custom-Designed Woofer With Aramid-Fiber Cone

Gold Plated 5-Way Binding Posts

Dual Flared Vent

An intricate 8 - element crossover


KEF Q100

5.25 inch Uni-Q driver array

Frequencies from 49Hz to 40kHz from a single source

Sensitivity: 86dB

Maximum Output: 107dB


Klipsch R-14M

Fills small to medium rooms with powerful

1-Inch aluminum Linear Travel Suspension horn-loaded tweeter

4-Inch copper-spun high-output IMG woofer

Brushed black polymer veneer cabinet

90x90 Tractrix Horn

Rear-Firing Port

UNDER $200

Yamaha NS-6490

Each speaker enclosure has 3 drivers - An 8 Woofer / a 4 Midrange / a 0.75 Dome Tweeter

45Hz to 23kHz frequency response range

Magnetically shielded

Black satin grille cloth

70 Watts continuous amplifier power

140 Watts peak amplifier power for each channel


Harmony, melody, and synchronization are what drives the core of classical music and it is one purest forms of music known to man, conveying bona fide emotions, as it progresses. When the four primary sets of instruments that make up classical music, work in unison, it is an experience like never before and can be absolutely astounding. Feeling the heart of the music is what completes a good classical number.

If you happen to have an audiophile quality, sound set up at your home which replicates the brightness of the violins, the bell-like melody of the piano and the weight and girth of the cello in its truest form, then that is the ultimate gesture of love from you towards this ancient art form. Speakers and the quality of the sound they produce, the construction of their enclosures and their ability to replicate sound frequencies are the what make for a great set of speakers.

Dig in as we take a look at some of the best speakers to listen to classical music.

KEF Reference 1 Bookshelf Loudspeaker LS50

Pro: One of the best and most premium product that you could possibly buy, driven by sonic excellence.
Con: Very Expensive

The KEF LS50 is one of the choices that is unanimously loved by all audiophiles for the sound quality that it produces. Known to produce compellingly realistic sound, the LS50 is a studio monitor that is used by professionals during recording sessions as well. Loaded with the 6.5 inches speaker, there are a lot of trade secrets that have gone into creating the LS 50’ s ability to handle a wide range of frequencies. Built with components that have minimal distortion, the KEF is the ultimate bookshelf speaker that you can lay your hands on. Something that can replicate the sound, as well as the LS50, is undoubtedly a brilliant option to listen to classical music.

Sonus Faber Venere 2.0 Bookshelf Speaker

Pro: Superb sound resolution, designed to integrate into the environment irrespective of where you place them, aesthetically good looking.
Con: The cost is on the higher side, there are cheaper alternatives that are capable of replicating the sound quality of these speakers.

The Venere line of speakers from Sonus are popular for the quality of sound they produce and these speakers live up to the expectations set by the brand. These speakers light up the midrange of the music very well and you can feel the warmth. The bass is very defined and prominent without blocking out the highs. These speakers are equipped with some of the best tweeters you could have ever listened to. A superb product in terms of sound quality. Should you play some Mozart through these speakers, you are going to feel like you are at an actual concert, that is how good the sound engineering is on this one.

KEF LS50 Mini Monitor

Pro: Good looking and extremely powerful, true to recording sound quality, rated high by many audio equipment review magazines.
Con: You may need to spend time placing it accordingly to get the sound quality that you want from it, for a particular environment.

Given a much coveted ‘A’ rating by Stereophile, the LS50 mini monitor by KEF is fully loaded with proprietary technology that is dedicated to bringing true sound quality into your living room. Quite frankly the detail of sound that these little monitors produce, is equivalent to the sound quality of larger and more expensive equipment. Driven by KEF’s Uni Q speakers that were originally intended for their flagships monitors, DLS 15 is the result of countless hours of research and development. The work put in by the company shows when you play your favorite track on it. If you are looking for your own ‘home concert’ set up the LS50 mini monitors and your job is done.

MartinLogan ElectroMotion ESL Hybrid Electrostatic

Pro: One of the best full spectrum speakers at this price range in the market.
Con: Placement is crucial and can take a lot of time, meant for larger rooms.

Some of the best work from the house of Martin Logan is evident with the Electromotion ESL. They have a unique audio character and are not like anything in this price range. The soundstage and quality are absolutely ethereal and you get a well-balanced experience with these speakers. In fact, the electrostatic speakers are so good that you do not have a need for a subwoofer at all. Listening to some great classical music on the speakers is guaranteed to be a blast.

Polk Audio RTI A9

Pro: Awesome value for money, superior quality.
Con: For larger rooms, you may find the need to use a complimentary subwoofer to boost the lows.

One of the best set of floor standing speakers which money can buy, the Polk audio RTI has clear mids, highs and a punchy bass quality. Built for power, they can be driven up to 300 Watts, that is when you can feel the punch emanating from these floor speakers. Driven by their latest dynamic balance cone drivers and 1-inch tweeters, these speakers also feature Polk’s patented power port technology. The clear-cut sound definition of the speakers make it the perfect set of drivers to turn your home into an Opera House in an instant.

Yamaha NS-333

Pro: Superb value for money.
Con: Needs a subwoofer to pull up the lows.

Equipped with 5-inch diameter cone woofers and a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter, this is a straightforward approach to creating top quality sound from Yamaha. The NS-333 speakers are rated at 150 Watts and pack plenty of punch for an entry at this price range. These are a heavy duty shelf speakers that can rival the performance of its more expensive counterparts. The Yamaha NS-333 speakers pack enough punch for you to be able to enjoy the bright tones of the string instruments in a classical music track.

MartinLogan Motion 4 Bookshelf Speaker

Pro: Extremely clear and has the same technology as the high-end speakers from MartinLogan.
Con: At higher volumes, the clarity of the low end could have been better although this is just a subjective opinion.

Martin Logan is known for their attention to detail and this is immediately evident with the curved design of the Martin Logan bookshelf speakers. The Motion 4 speakers are inspired by the ultra high-end electrostatic loudspeakers made by Martin Logan. Designed to integrate easily with your TV and amplifiers, the Martin Logan speakers are loaded with multiple proprietary trademark technology, to give you the best sonic experience in your living room.

Audioengine A2+

Pro: Compact and a powerful solution for someone on a budget, built in power amp.
Con: It would be unfair to find any feature related cons in a such a well-made cost effective product.


Designed to be a powerful solution at a cost-effective price, the Audioengine A2 speakers are equipped with kevlar woofers that replicate the low bass very well. The speakers also have silk tweeters for smooth highs. If you’re strapped for cash and are on a budget, these speakers deliver with flying colors and are the perfect companion for your MP3 players and iPod, thanks to the built-in power amp in the left speaker.

Focal Aria 906

Pro: Another small and powerful package that is a sonic champion.
Con: Fairly new in the market and does not have a well-established reputation for the competition.

Another well-made set of speakers at a low price range, the Focal Aria is the result of some good acoustic research and development by Focal, in France. These speakers are very refined and have a great tonal quality thanks to the use of noble metals in the drivers. The compactness of these speakers ensures that it will not take up a lot of space on your shelf while still packing plenty of punch. The ability of the Focal Aria to reproduce all of the frequencies really well make it a great option for enjoying some classical music.