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The SansAmp Bass Driver V2 is an all in one unit that boasts a stompbox, recording tone, and a bass preamp. It is these features that make the V2 extremely versatile and flexible. This specific unit comes with two new features that add sophistication and programmability to the sound.


  • Balanced sound quality
  • Its midrange dial allows sound customization
  • Easy frequency shift switches


  • No onboard speaker simulation deactivation switch
  • Can’t use XLR connector and Phantom power simultaneously


I would describe this particular bass driver from SansAmp Series, a moderately priced bass preamp that delivers high-quality sound. I can play any music from country to rock to funk. Its drive control allows you to achieve everything from subtle distortion to full gnarly distortion making this pedal is the most dependable for any bassist.

I found it pretty easy to use as I only needed to plug it into the effects jack on the amp. The result was somewhat different in comparison to other preamps: a smooth and quiet operation. I also found the bass driver incredibly versatile as I could set it up in front of the amp, use it as a footswitch to change between two sounds, and set it up with an amplifier with different tones.


The SansAmp V2 is a preamp/EQ pedal with basic Treble and Bass controls designed to boost or reduce frequency bands. It also balances the amount of speaker emulation you need to add to a dry signal. Additionally, you can send a line signal to FOH engineer from XLR output as the driver also acts as a DI device.


The DI Bass Driver comes with two new features. The first is the shift for the Bass control setting between 40/80 Hz. The second is the Mid Control with a push-button shift of 500/1000 Hz. These new controls are so effective that simple tweaks enhance the sound quality significantly. Also, they make it easy to learn how to change settings between tunes.

The bass driver also functions as a superior DI box. This is because it has a parallel output that runs a bypassed signal to a second amp. Additionally, it has a balanced XLR output that connects to the mixing board for recording or sound reinforcement. The XLR output allows level and ground switches, just like the main instrument output.

Tech 21 SansAmp Bass...

I also loved the three channels of digital programmability included. It means that the driver has an all-analog tone circuitry, a digital memory, and a preprogrammed control. I particularly loved its digital control section as it allowed me to use different tones with various tunes onstage.

The preprogrammed control features distortion bass settings, a Fat Tube, and SVT providing bassists with a vast range to select. You are not restricted to the preprogrammed settings as you can customize yours too.

Adjust the knobs to your taste and hit any of the footswitches twice to save it in that channel to get up to three custom settings.

Sound quality

With the SansAmp Bass Driver DI, I can achieve the tone and definition I need. Whether used as a traditional DI box or as a pedal, the V2 delivers exceptional sound quality. When I used it as a pedal, I found that its palette of sounds was enhanced exponentially. This feature was particularly useful when looking for more crunch, not just the regular crisp DI signal. It also delivers excellent sound in the studio and in a live rig.