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The Arrow is an audio interface that was introduced by Universal Audio a little while back in 2018. It packs the same flexibility and sonic qualities of its much larger Apollo counterparts. The Arrow is an ideal interface for aspiring audio wizards as it grants them access to all of Universal Audio’s plug-ins and software components at a reasonable price.

The Arrow is more than just a miniaturized version of Apollo. It is its own beast and its form factor and bus power make it one of the best mobile audio interfaces around.


  • UAD-2 plugins bundles are solid
  • Sound and Workflow is amazing
  • Bus-powered and compact UAD-2/Unison Interface


  • Thunderbolt 3 isn’t as omnipresent as it should be.
  • No Thunderbolt 3 cable included

The core feature of this interface is none other than the Thunderbolt 3. As a matter of fact, Arrow is the first Thunderbolt 3 device of its kind.

The Thunderbolt 3 provides plenty of 48v phantom bus juice for the Arrow and it doesn’t need a separate PSU to do that which is ideal for musicians who love to mix and record on their laptops. It is also important to note that even though the Thunderbolt 3 appears to have the same connector as a USB-C, it is not the same.

Owners of this interface should make sure that they double-check the right port on their laptops or computers isn’t a USB-C.


Universal Audio... Universal Audio...

Arrow has a single dial that is used to control preamps’ input levels. It also has a monitor button that you can press to control both the headphone and monitor levels. You can also click on the Monitor button to completely mute out the interface’s monitor.

On the left of the Arrow are the buttons that control the input options, while at the back of the device are a Hi-Z in and a couple of mic/line inputs, and two outputs.

Sound Quality

As far as the sound quality goes it is as good as it gets, especially coming from something that is this affordable. The bass is pretty clear on this beauty and the in-sound is simply pristine. If you want an audio interface that will give you great value for your dollar, then the Arrow Thunderbolt 3 is worth checking out.

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