12 Best FREE GarageBand Plugins

Free GarageBand Plugins

GarageBand plugins are such unique tools in making music for Apple’s Mac. This does not mean that the product does not come with such incredible built-in-instruments, but these additional free plugins add more choices to your already existing list increasing your level of creativity and inspiration to release your creative juices. Let us look at … Read more

How does a DMX Controller work?

Digital Multiplex Signal (DMX) is a universal protocol that lets users have absolute control over their lighting requirements. The DMX Protocol was designed to enable lighting equipment from different manufactures to easily work with each other and to reduce the need for having separate control station for every set of lighting equipment. Our review of … Read more

Tube Amp vs Solid State – Choose Both for Best Results

Tube Amp vs Solid State? Choose Both for Best Results

Beginning in the middle of the last century, the electronics industry, audio amplifier manufacturers included, set off on an all-out drive to phase out valve-tubes in their product’s circuitry. To electronic manufactures, the new solid-state transistors that were massively retiring the glass valves were cheaper, less demanding in peripherals, sturdy in form, and much easier … Read more