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Best Intermediate Drum Sets/Kits

At the heart of every great band, is a great drummer. In short, the drummer is the rhythm making heart of any band. Two fine examples of how a drummer’s ability to create memorable rhythms ended up influencing the overall sound of the band are, Chris Adler from ‘Lamb of God’ and Keith Moon from ‘The Who’.

While these two examples are a stark contrast, considering the differences in genre of music the two drummers played, they are similar at how they have approached their role as a drummer for their respective bands.

A drummer should aspire to be a master of rhythm and tone after which the focus on speed should come. So, your journey as a drummer should ideally begin with a kit that can help you differentiate between the intricate changes in tone. Once you are at the intermediate mark, it is time to pick up more complex techniques which can help you create some catchy rhythms.This entails, getting to know your drum kit better and knowing what you want from it. A good kit will help you find your identity as a drummer very soon.

This entails, getting to know your drum kit better and knowing what you want from it. A good kit will help you find your identity as a drummer very soon.

Today we are going to take a look at a list of the best intermediate drum sets that can help you better yourself in terms of technique and tone recognition.

Premier Drums Genista Series 4289937CRF 5-Piece Maple Studio 22 Shell Pack

Pro: Superb build quality and great looks, good tone and ease of tuning.
Con: There are cheaper alternatives which sound equally good, from the competition.

The Genista series is very well known for being the popular choice of drummers in the 90s. Even though this is a basic kit with two short stack Toms, one short floor Tom and an 18 inch bass drum, the shells are made from American birch and maple, signifying quality. The Sonic quality of the Genista, is categorically superior and the drum kit looks phenomenally good, with the high gloss lacquer finish, in red. Premier drum kits are known for their ease of tuning and good overall tone, with ample sustain. The Genista lives up to this expectation, very well.

Pearl VBL925SP/C Vision Birch Lacquer 5-Piece Drum Set

Pro: Real good professional sound for a kit at this price.
Con: The stock tuning heads may require upgrades.

Presenting, the most affordable high quality kit put together by Pearl, a name that is is very well known for creating incredible sounding drums. This intermediate drum set has shells made from hundred percent birch. The kit sounds huge and has extremely impact sensitive drums. The sound of the snare and bass drum is going to be liked by players who are into different genres of music. This is a top quality kit and a great investment for you, if you are looking to make a career out of your passion.


Pro: Great sound, good quality build, includes Yamaha hardware.
Con: There are known tuning stability issues with this kit.

Styled in black glitter, the ‘Gig maker’ as the name suggests is a superb kit that has a professional sound and is ready for a performance. The best part about this package is, the hardware is also included with the shells. The kit consists of standard components and is a great mid range drum kit by Yamaha.

Mapex Meridian Fusionease 5 Piece Drum Set

Pro: Excellent professional drum kit designed to accompany a drummer on tours, exclusive attention to detail in construction, superb sound, best value for money.
Con: Mapex have made very less mistakes with this phenomenally good kit.

There seems to be an increase, in the number of modern day drummers, who are using Mapex kits. Undoubtedly, one of the best and most renowned names in the industry, Mapex are known to make some of the best drum kits on the market. The Fusionease is a durable and a road worthy kit from Mapex. The shells are made from Maple wood and are lacquer coated. The kit is equipped with low mass lugs which are secured into the shell, using only one attachment. This means that there are less vibratory interruptions, resulting in a truer tone. Mapex have given a lot of attention to detail with this kit and it sounds awesome.

Force 1007 Stage 1 Snow White Five Piece Drumset

Pro: Tune safe tuners, sturdy base wood construction.
Con: The price is right up there with its more popular counterparts from bettern known brands.

Made from basswood shells, this kit has a robust construction. The finish is very sturdy and the workmanship looks good. The shells have a high gloss, lacquered natural wood finish. This is a standard kit that is equipped with tuning lugs that feature ‘Tune safe’ inserts, to prevent accidental detuning. A smart feature indeed. Another great package overall, this is a quality product from Sonor.

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5

Pro: Superb fit and finish, excellent craftsmanship on the kit, value for money product.
Con: The stock heads may need replacing to get better sound quality.

The kit is made exclusively from 100% birch and shells look absolutely brilliant, with the lacquered finish. Equipped with the absolute style lugs, the craftsmanship of the kit is really spectacular. This is the ideal intermediate level kit, at this price. The Yamaha ‘Stage’ has a good tone quality, making it a versatile and a value for money option.

Pearl RS525SCC31 Roadshow

Pro: Good sound quality, a product from a renowned name, low cost.
Con: There are known quality issues with the default kit, especially with the cymbals.

This is a quality, low cost drum set from Pearl. Despite being a low cost economy product, it still has that signature Pearl sound. An awesome quality starter kit, this one is loud and does exactly what you pay for. The kit is a standard five piece set. The shells are made from poplar wood and have a lacquer finish. A good looking kit that is beginner grade.

ddrum HYBRID5PLAYER 5PC Player Drum Kit

Pro: This is a hybrid drum kit which gives a variety of tonal options, superb value for money, study construction and use of high grade tone woods.
Con: If you are an ‘old school’ drummer at heart who just wants to focus on finding your tones by changing the hardware of your kit, then this is not for you.

Custom crafted from birch, the ddrum hybrid 5, is an acoustic and an electric drum kit at the same time! This is a complete comprehensive package targeted at drummers who want to experiment with sound. If you are into multiple genres of music and are a practising drummer, then you are going to love the versatility in tone that this kit, retrofitted with electronics, offers to you. This is basically a fully functional acoustic drum kit that has been outfitted with ddrum Pro triggers. With this kit you have a lot of options at your disposal.

GP Percussion “The Professional”

Pro: Basic drum kit for starters.
Con: The tonal quality may not be as superior as a professional sounding kit.

This is a standard kit from GP Percussion and has a glossy finish. Its is a superb kit for beginners. A cost-effective and a good looking option, this is essentially a low level model, designed to start off an aspiring drummer. There is not much to expect from this kit, but it does sound good for the price at which it comes in at.

Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete

Pro: Brilliant pack for a beginner drummer.
Con: Not quite a choice for an intermediate level drummer, who is looking to perfect techniques and learn the intricacies of tone.

This is a basic full sized kit that is targeted at beginners. The shells are made from sturdy basswood, to make the kit, cost effective. Finished in a charming black coloured lacquered finish, it comes with a lot of accessories, including the drummer’s throne. A comprehensive start up package, indeed! This is a standard five drum set and has everything that you would need to get started off, as soon as possible.