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Best Cheap On The Budget Drum Sets Kits

If you are an aspiring drummer or a parent who is looking for an affordable/cheap/on the buget drum set for your kid, then you have come to the right place. We did all the research so all you have to do is choose the set that suits your budget, which should be really easy since all of these drum sets are priced within $500. There are 4 piece sets as well as 5 piece drum sets. Choose a 4 piece drum kit if you are looking for something compact and easy to move, or if you are new to drumming. You can expand some of them in the future by adding extra drums and stands. Five piece kits are great for intermediate drummers and are equipped with bigger drums, and an extra tom.

If you are looking to order a drum set online, first you must make sure what is included in the set and what you will need to purchase by yourself. Many entry level sets might not include a drummer throne or sticks, and some might require you to buy a foot pedal for the bass drum. If you are purchasing a set from a shop, then feel it out, make sure the drum heads look and feel right, and the shell must be durable enough to last a few years. We have included drums from some of the most reliable manufacturers in this article, such as Ludwig, Sonor, and Pearl. You don’t need to worry about the shell or drum head quality if you will be purchasing one of the drum sets from this list since we did our research to ensure you are getting the best value for money in terms of accessories and warranty.

Most affordable 4 PIECE drum sets

ddrum D2R BLK SPKL D2 Rock Kit

Pro: Sturdy shells, throne and pedal included.
Con: Cymbals sound bad, drum heads need to be improved.

You can’t really complain if you’re getting a full drum set along with throne, sticks and pedal for less than 300 bucks. It is built well, and the shells are very tough. Sound quality is good enough for learning the basics, although the cheap cymbals might be due for replacement as soon as you get the chance. For beginners, the drum heads are okay and if you begin to outgrow them than they are also replaceable quite easily. For this cheap drum set, this ddrum looks really good with the shiny black finish and will last the distance as long as you maintain it well.


Pro: Full sized snare drum, great bass drum.
Con: No cymbals, stand or sticks included.

Sonor has been providing amazing sound quality since several decades, and even though this particular set is super affordable it still represents the commitment to quality that Sonor values so deeply. Made from selected basswood and featuring cross-laminated Sonor shells for extra stiffness and better sound, you won’t find a cheaper drum set that plays better than this one. Although Sonor did cut some corners by not including any sticks, pedals or throne. Also, there is no cymbal provided so you have to buy your own one. But since you are getting an amazing 16″x16″ bass drum with a riser attachment that positions the drum for perfect pedal attack, you can say that Sonor actually gave a near premium level experience at a low price.

Pearl RS584CC707 Roadshow

Pro: Lots of included hardware, 9-ply poplar shells.
Con: Throne is better suited to pre-teens and children.

One of the best value for money sets in this list of best cheap drum sets, the Roadshow from Pearl is sent to you with all the hardware that you need to begin playing right out of the box. Drum throne, pedal, sticks, cymbal stand, hi-hat stand, snare stand, tom holder- all are included in the package. But just because you are getting so much for so cheap, don’t assume that they are low quality, since everything is well built, especially the drum shells which are made from multiple poplar ply layers. The throne is probably the only bad part of the set, other than the cymbals which sound drab and lifeless. Remember, as long as you are not purchasing this kit for a basketball player, the throne should function just fine even for adults. And, the 18″x12″ inch bass drum is a bit on the shorter side so it is better suited for pop and jazz.

Ludwig LC179X028 Breakbeats

Pro: Compact set, sound great.
Con: Does not come with much hardware.

Ludwig really like to provide quality stuff, even at the lower price ranges. Sporting an amazing finish and a really compact design, yet capable of outputting some serious punch, this is a great drum kit for traveling drummers who wish to own a set that can be easily set up in a small space. And the build quality is amazing as well, along with a very premium looking and shiny finish. It does not come with cymbals, pedals or a throne so you must buy all of that stuff and even replace the default heads with something better, especially on the snare which feels very unresponsive with the default drum heads. You get some storage bags along with this set to easily carry your kit around wherever you wish to play.

Best Choice Products Drum Sets-1263

Pro: Full size adult kit, all hardware included.
Con: Drum heads and sticks need an upgrade.

If you were to get a cheap 5-piece drum set with throne, sticks, stands, hi-hat, cymbal and pedal for less than $250 what would you do? We know we would buy this Best Choice Products drum set, especially because it carries so much room for easy upgrades in the future. This drum set sounds decent even without any changes to the drums heads or cymbals, but as you begin to get more experienced you will want to change out the heads, and get a good pedal. For now, as long as you or your kid doesn’t thump it too hard, you will be fine. But for more aggressive drummers and aspiring rock band drummers, you will need to buy a better pair of sticks and change the heads.

Gammon Percussion Drum Set Full Size 5-Piece

Pro: Easily upgraded, well-built.
Con: Stool provided seems flimsy.

When you need a cheap full size drum set, but don’t have a couple thousand dollars lying around you get one of these. It included a 22″x14″ bass drum along with a full size wooden snare drum along with 12″ and 13″ toms. The adjustable tilt memory lock is a welcome addition for such a cheap price it allows you to lock the angle of the drums to better suit your personal preference, letting you drum more comfortably. It even includes a chain driven bass drum pedal and a hi-hat as well as cymbal stand. Yes, the throne is not exactly a royal one but if you don’t like it then just grab a chair from the living room. For this price, any other than the drums themselves can be considered a generous freebie from Gammon.

ddrum D120B MB D-Series Drum Set

Pro: Black coated hardware and stands, memory locks.
Con: No assembly instructions in package.

This affordable drum set is a boon for newbies as well as drummers who are having financial issues at the moment. It is a full size drum set, with all hardware such as pedals, stands, throne and sticks included. Like any other drum set in this price range, the sound quality is not something to be impressed about since you are hardly paying one-tenth of the cost of any professional drum kit. The wood is durable and produces a good sound response, but since you will be playing on this for practice, try to get a better pair of sticks. Also, the drum heads are very easily replaceable and you can swap out the stock cymbals for something like a Zildjian as you begin to get better. All parts are coated in black for long lasting use and the set comes with memory locks too.

Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Standard Shell Pack

Pro: Very well built.
Con: No cymbals or throne.

Since it is Yamaha, there should be no doubts regarding its build quality. And as far as the sound quality is concerned, it is by far the best on our “cheap drum sets” list, although it also slightly more expensive than the rest, but not by a big margin. Still a budget set, it is great for gigs and practice, the wood used is quite durable. You will find that it uses hex ball tom mounts and wooden bass tom hoops for greater durability and consistency even across long periods of time. No cymbals or throne included, so that adds a slight bit more to the cost, but you can cut back on the throne by using any stool or chair lying around in your home.